Xiaomi Reveals Why They Never Sell Compact Phones

Recently, the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, shed some light on why Xiaomi isn’t planning to make smaller phones anytime soon.

Phones seem to be getting taller every year, with larger displays dominating the market. While many consumers appreciate the benefits of a big screen, there are some who prefer a more compact device. Xiaomi, one of the world’s top phone manufacturers, offers a variety of devices at different price points, but most of their phones tend to be on the larger side.

According to Lei Jun, there simply isn’t enough demand for compact phones in the current market. He argues that Xiaomi’s 3 model, which has the same width as the iPhone 14, strikes a good balance between screen size and in-hand feel. Moreover, developing a compact flagship phone would be too expensive, and reducing the phone’s size could negatively impact its battery life and camera capabilities.

While some consumers still appreciate smaller phones, the market for compact devices is undoubtedly shrinking. In the past, small phones were ubiquitous, but today they are increasingly rare. Apple’s iPhone mini line is one of the few remaining options, and it’s unclear if the company will continue producing these devices. In the Android world, the Galaxy S23 and Asus Zenfone 8 offers decent options for those who prefer a more compact device.

It’s clear that there are pros and cons to both big and small phones. While larger screens are great for consuming content and multitasking, smaller devices are more portable and easier to use with one hand. Ultimately, the decision between a big or small phone comes down to personal preference. However, it’s important for Xiaomi to offer a variety of options to cater to different needs and preferences.



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