1.2 million confidential records from NBI, BIR, and PNP allegedly leaked online

Well, what do we expect from our government’s obviously short-funded webpages, gosh dang– when you click into one, you’ll be transported back to 2005!

According to vpnMentor, several government organizations, including the PNP, BIR, and NBI, experienced a significant security breach where more than 1.2 million records were exposed online.

A total of 817 worth of records, including sensitive NBI and PNP information such as passports, birth and marriage certificates, security clearance documents, driver’s licenses, and academic transcripts, were exposed, according to vpnMentor’s findings.

According to the vpnMentor’s report, people whose data is exposed “could be potential victims of identity theft, phishing attacks, and a range of other malicious activities.” “Using the identities of these people and the supporting documentation, it would be simple for criminals to apply for loans, credit, or commit other financial crimes.”

The NBI stated that they did not see any breach in their system “but our verification and monitoring are continuous,” despite the alleged security breach.

The PNP and BIR have yet to comment on the matter. The NPC will hold a meeting later today to investigate the matter and is fully committed to protecting personal information.

NPC commissioner John Henry Naga issued a statement in which he pledged, “We will not leave any stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth regarding this alleged breach.

Just last year, Comelec acknowledged a data breach in its system but reassured the public that the incident had nothing to do with the elections of 2022.


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