2nm chips are coming: TSMC mass producing in 2025 while 1.4nm in 2027

TSCM is on track with its 2-nm chips and the even smaller 1.4-nm prototypes, slated for release in a few years.

TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has set the next game changer of the mobile market. Reports suggest that this plan has two parts and is now urging other firms to respond.

The first phase, which is already in motion, is the upcoming mass production of 2-nm mobile chipsets in 2025. TSMC has been testing the said design and appears to be on track. As per report, the prototype is called N2 and it may serve some of its biggest customers like Apple and Nvidia.

Samsung isn’t sitting idle either. The Korean tech giant plans to offer affordable versions of its 2-nm prototypes to get more customers.

Intel is on board as well and is currently promoting its 18A node and offering free test production for interested firms. The production of this chipset is scheduled for late 2024.

The second phase is the real deal: the release of the even smaller 1.4-nanometer chipsets. The gap between these two chipsets is only two years, where the latter is set for a 2027 rollout.

As per report, TSMC will treat 1.4-nm chips as successors to the 2-nm models. The Taiwan-based firm already revealed the plan in the Future of Logic panel during the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting.

The 1.4-nm production node is called A14 and is set for release between 2027 and 2028. The N2 2-nm model is set for late 2025 while N2P is for late 2026.

When applied on smartphones, the 1.4-nm and 2-nm chipsets are expected to give even greater performance compared to 3-nm models of today. But without official specifications, we don’t know how many cores these chips will have. 

Perhaps, 10 cores will become the new standard?


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