Fairphone 5 design with Slimmer Bezels and Transparent Colorway Revealed!

You probably never heard of Fairphone, but today, that changes because we got some leaked images from the Android Authority of the Fairphone 5 design. This new device will replace the Fairphone 4, which will celebrate its second anniversary in September.


Fairphone sticks to its signature rounded edges and a distinctive triangular camera setup on the back. While we have yet to get detailed specifications, it’s evident that the focus was on enhancing the display.
One noticeable change is the front camera placement.

The fingerprint reader remains on the side, suggesting that the Fairphone 5 might feature an LCD screen. However, the exact dimensions and resolution of the display remain unknown.
Turning our attention to the back, we see that the camera island is mostly unchanged, except for some minor tweaks to the shape of the LED flash. There are still two camera modules and a 3D TOF sensor. However, the real excitement lies beneath the back panel.

Fairphone has been ahead of the game regarding user-replaceable batteries, and the Fairphone 5 will continue this trend. The SIM and microSD slots are in a different location, but unfortunately, they are still inaccessible without removing the battery, so that hot swapping won’t be possible.


Instead of the old-fashioned notch seen on the Fairphone 4, the front camera on the Fairphone 5 is neatly inside a small punch hole. The company slimmed down the bezels, addressing a much-needed improvement. It’s worth mentioning that despite sporting a 6.3-inch display, the Fairphone 4 had a similar overall size to the larger Galaxy S21+.

Look at this exploded view comparing the new model to the 2021 version. Interestingly, we don’t see a coil for wireless charging (just like the Fairphone 4 didn’t have one). Also, the beloved headphone jack won’t be making a comeback, at least from what we can tell.

Fairphone is venturing into the realm of transparency with a unique version of their Fairphone 5 design. Though we don’t spot any visible LEDs, the transparent design adds a touch of coolness that surpasses the Speckled Green variant of the Fairphone 4.

Fairphone has yet to announce an official release date for their next smartphone. However, based on the leaked images, the launch should be just around the corner. Keep an eye out for further updates on this intriguing device!


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