Google Pixel 8 camera leaks appear online. Who will beat this?

Google Pixel phones have always won the hearts of many tech reviewers in terms of camera performance. The next, Google Pixel 8 camera will keep the ball rolling and, thanks to a leak from an internal source at Google, we now have a sneak peek into its camera specs

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will both feature an upgraded 50MP main camera sensor, with Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 taking over from the ISOCELL GN1 used in the Pixel 7 series. This means we can expect even better and more enhanced image quality and improved performance.

As for the ultrawide camera, the Pixel 8 will stick with the tried and tested 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor found in its predecessor. However, the field of view will be slightly wider this time, offering a 0.55x zoom ratio compared to the 0.67x on the Pixel 7.

Now, let’s talk about the Pixel 8 Pro. It’s bringing something exciting to the table—an all-new 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor for the ultrawide lens. With a 0.49x zoom ratio, it will capture stunning wide-angle shots with great detail.

Additionally, the Pro model will retain the powerful 48MP Samsung GM5 telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, ensuring you can capture distant subjects with clarity. And to top it off, the Pixel 8 Pro will introduce an 8×8 sensor time-of-flight (ToF) VL53L8 sensor, which will greatly enhance autofocus performance.Both Pixel 8 phones will keep the 11MP Samsung 3J1 front-facing cameras, ensuring your selfies come out crisp and clear.

Now, here’s an interesting tidbit—the leaked thermometer sensor we heard about earlier will be exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro. It will feature the Melexis MLX90632 body temperature sensor, adding a unique touch to the Pro model’s capabilities.When it comes to camera software, the Pixel 8 series has some exciting new features in store.

First off, we have the adaptive torch feature, which automatically adjusts the intensity of the LED flash to avoid overexposure in low-light conditions. This means your night shots and videos will come out more balanced and natural-looking.Another impressive addition is scene segmentation. This feature allows the phone to apply selective AI processing to different parts of your images, enhancing specific elements and ensuring every detail pops.And if you’re a fan of capturing stunning videos, you’ll love the new bokeh blur selection tool for cinematic mode videos. It allows you to precisely control the depth-of-field effect, giving your videos that professional touch.

The competition in smartphone photography space is not slowing down at and we are excited to see how the Google Pixel 8 camera will stake up.


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