HONOR Magic6 Pro sent to space, survived freezing temperature

HONOR Magic6 Pro could endure the harsh cold of the stratosphere and tell the tale.

What will happen if you send a smartphone in space? Cold temperatures will likely kill it quickly, thanks to the weakness of lithium batteries.

But HONOR’s Magic6 Pro may outlast other phones and accompany space scientists, at least in the stratosphere. This was shown by a YouTuber who tested the phone in below sub-zero temperatures.

While the experiment didn’t replicate exact space conditions, the stratosphere has a temperature range of minus 15 and 51 degrees Celsius. Lithium batteries would freeze and lose their power potential.

A YouTuber conducted an extreme experiment placing the HONOR Magic6 Pro inside a sub-zero environment to test HONOR’s newest battery tech. The phone endured a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, just like spending time in the stratosphere.

Using a wireless mouse, they controlled the handset and had it playback a video till the battery drops to zero. For 13 “agonizing” hours, the HONOR Magic6 Pro played the same video but suffered no obvious issues. How did it survive?

The secret is the silicon-carbon battery tech. Compared to lithium batteries, silicon helped stabilize the chemical structure in sub-zero temperatures. But HONOR didn’t go for pure silicon due to its downside where it can expand up to 300% of its size.

So, the brand covered the graphite with silicon to produce a new structure in graphite-silicon anode. Not only it protected the battery from dying in below freezing temperatures, but it also allowed a higher power capacity without increasing the battery’s size.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro has a 5600mAh battery pack. This device has a thinness of 8.9 millimeters and a curved OLED display. It’s also powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and up to 16GB of RAM.

HONOR’s second-generation silicon-carbon battery has earned certifications, including UK Conformity Assessed marking, CE marking, and CNAS certification.

Check out the full specs of HONOR Magic6 Pro below.


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