Internet in space? MediaTek aims to provide the fastest and most reliable internet connection

MediaTek reveals its new plan of providing solid internet broadband solutions, whether it’s wireless, wired, or via satellite.

The internet lets people reach each other in front of their computers or in the palm of their hand. It’s been a go-to for information, business, and education, and without it, many institutions are at risk of issues or worse.

Thus, MediaTek has plans to enable solid fixed broadband solutions for businesses and homes. The company even aims to bring in out-of-this-world internet speeds in residential areas.

James C. Chen, Ph.D, VP for product technology marketing at MediaTek, unveiled these plans in legacy DSL, 5G, fiber, and satellite. He also revealed the solutions for local connectivity, including Wi-Fi 7 and 10Gbps ethernet support.

The company currently supports 10Gbps fiber internet speed, but it wants to expand that up to 25Gbps in 2026 and up to 50Gbps in the years after. These speeds are for homes.

To support the enormous amount of data from such speeds, MediaTek will implement computing policies. The CPU should have a low power consumption and maintain a secure boot, while a dedicated network processing unit will free up the CPU and manage the data exchanges.

For 5G, MediaTek launched its second-generation solution last year in T830 5G CPE, a modem-CPU platform. This comes with a four-nanometer process, up to 7Gbps speed, Wi-Fi 7, 10Gbps ethernet, and eight receive and three transmit antennas.

The 3GPP satellite offers broadband connection via NR-NTN, which is wide band and usable anywhere on Earth. It can deliver up to 100Mbps wireless broadband and is very useful in scenarios where fiber, legacy DSL, 4G, and 5G are not available.

During the MediaTek Executive Summit, the company announced two new products: the Mediatek Filogic 860 and Filogic 360, both Wi-Fi 7 chips.

Filogic 360 is a high-performance standalone chip for clients, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, and set-top boxes. Filogic 860 is an industry leading yet dependent platform for access points. It can be used to complete an entire network platform and provide support for several technologies, including dual-band Wi-Fi 7.

The mass production of Filogic 860 and Filogic 360 is expected to begin in the middle of next year.


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