MediaTek releases newest Dimensity 6020 chipset

MediaTek has announced their newest chipset — the Dimensity 6020. This 5G chipset is intended to drive the upcoming entry-level 5G smartphones MediaTek’s Dimensity 6020 intends to give quicker app performances to enhance a smartphone’s daily use. Using the HyperEngine 3.0 Lite technology, it aims to a quicker network response and a more dependable connection. The Dimensity […]

Top 10 worst processors 2023 according to NanoReview

These are the top 10 worst processors in 2023, according to the SoC aggregator site, NanoReview. Is your phone has any of these chipsets? Processors are the backbone of a smartphone so it’s appropriate to demand these SoC (system-on-a-chip) their best. But sometimes, due to multiple factors, our phone has a sluggish chipset inside, but […]

MediaTek Dimensity 7200 processor unveiled

MediaTek promises to bring maximum processing power to mid-range device with the fresh new release Dimensity 7200 The Dimensity 7200, the newest mid-range chipset from MediaTek, was just released. This comes months after their more expensive Dimensity 8200 and 9200 chipsets and weeks after they unveiled the Helio G36 as their most recent entry-level processor. […]

New MediaTek Helio G36 is just a nerfed G37 chipset

Well, what’s the purpose of this? Helio G37 isn’t that powerful, to begin with, but yeah, we have a ‘new’ Helio G36 incoming The Helio G36 from MediaTek is the most recent entry-level chipset. It is essentially a rebranded Helio G37 with Cortex-A53 cores running at 2.2GHz rather than 2.3GHz due to a 100Mhz clock […]