Is Elon Musk destroying Twitter ?! Again…

Elon Musk frequently destroys Twitter when he makes modifications to the social media network, despite his best intentions to improve it and give it a fresh start.

Turning off the “microservices” bloatware, which Musk refers to, is one of his most recent Twitter blunders. Musk insisted that less than 20% of it is required for Twitter to function, but he overlooked the fact that the microservices are essential for sending 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) messages, which are required for users to log in securely to Twitter.

The consequences of Elon Musk’s serious Twitter mistake? All accounts that employ 2FA were unable to log in successfully, including well-known Twitter accounts used by world leaders, organizations affiliated with the government, and well-known corporations like Apple.

It appears that the world’s richest man is not as technologically competent as he is, especially when it comes to handling a social media platform like Twitter, despite the fact that he is the CEO of Tesla and Starlink, both of which produce fantastic products. We are genuinely shocked by Musk’s ignorance of the value of 2FA in preventing unauthorized access to Twitter accounts.

There are still more poor Twitter decisions made by Elon. In addition to firing more Twitter employees, Musk continues to ignore internal concerns about his paid verification plan, which has already disrupted and confused the social media network.


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