itel A70 vs. itel S23: Which is the best buy this Christmas

Two smartphones were pitted against each other to find out which is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Looking for a gift this Christmas? Why not a new smartphone. But if your budget is just within 4K, which model would fit? Let’s help you out in choosing between itel A70 and itel S23, both within that price range.


Both the itel A70 and itel S23 have a 6.6-inch display panel with 720p resolution. Although not enough for excellent visuals, that resolution will greatly extend the battery life. Despite that, these two have a 90 Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling.

Between the two phones, itel A70 has an extra called Dynamic Bar. It’s a visual flare where critical notifications flash on the top of the screen. For instance, when you plug the phone, the charging notification pops up below the waterdrop cutout.


itel A70 and itel S23 are equipped with Unisoc chipsets. The former has the Unisoc T603 while the latter has the Unisoc T606. These processors are enough for casual use and light gaming, but the T606 is slightly better than T603 in terms of raw performance.

If the purpose of the phone is for browsing, watching videos, or video calling, then either processor will work. Just don’t expect either to excel in mobile gaming.


The itel A70 and itel S23 have two rear cameras and a single selfie sensor. For itel A70, that’s 13 + 0.08 MP at the back and 8 MP at the front. For itel S23, that’s 50 + 0.08 MP at the back and 8 MP at the front.

The cameras are good enough for daily selfies and social media postings. Both handsets even have an AI engine to boost image quality.

itel A70 includes camera features like HDR, for better colors and brightness levels, and AI Portrait for amazing selfies. itel S23, on the other hand, has HDR, 10x zoom, and Super Night mode for dim environments.


The processor is just one part of the phone’s performance. For a smooth user experience, itel A70 features up to 4 GB of RAM while itel S23 comes with up to 8 GB. The edge is on itel S23 with a bigger RAM but that comes with a higher price tag.

To store photos and videos, you can enjoy the big internal storage of 128 or 256 GB on either device. Both also support storage expansion via microSD card slot.


itel A70 and itel S23 are expected to last the entire day, considering their display resolution, processor, and the massive 5000mAh battery pack. There’s no difference here since both smartphones use USB Type-C and can charge up to 10 watts.

It will really depend on the user’s activity, network signal, and internet connectivity. Remember, mobile data drains more power than Wi-Fi and it gets worse if the signal is bad.


If you’ve noticed, itel A70 and itel S23 have a lot in common. But their differences may be spotted by looking at them.

Their camera modules are dissimilar. itel A70 has a camera island that holds the two rear cameras and LED flash. itel S23, meanwhile, has a circular camera bump that holds the sensors and flash in one.

When you tilt the phones or view them from the sides, itel A70 may seem to have an updated design. Plus, itel A70 comes in four colorways as opposed to only two for itel S23.

Final Words

If you can only shell out an exact 4K, itel A70 is the best choice. It’s a newer release than the other model and has enough storage and performance for daily use. It even comes in four colorways in Starlish Black, Field Green, Azure Blue, Brilliant Gold.

If you don’t mind raising it up to 4.5K, you should go for itel S23. That extra amount will net you with a more powerful processor and primary camera sensor. This phone also includes file system compression, Darwin Engine, and Wezone Game Platform.

Why don’t you check out the full specs of these smartphones down below.


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