itel S23 4G vs itel A60s: The battle of gigachad entry-level phones!

Itel is currently just stepping up their game. They have continuously developed budget phones without cutting corners! They undoubtedly aim to control the market for entry-level smartphones here in the PH!

They just introduced the itel A60s in addition to the excellent entry-level phone, the itel S23 4G, which is listed highly on our list of top smartphones. It is difficult to select between the two of them when they have these two excellent budget kings on their side. So let us assist you!

A short preview of specs can be seen below:

Specsitel S23 4Gitel A60s
CPUUnisoc Tiger T606UNISOC SC9863A
DISPLAY6.6 in 720p IPS LCD 90Hz6.6 in 720p IPS LCD 60Hz
CAMERA50 + 0.3MP rear camera / 8MP front8MP + QVGA rear/ 5MP selfie
OSAndroid 12, iTel OS 8.6Android S Go
BATTERY5000mAh Li-Po 10W5000mAh Li-Po 18W
USBUSB Type-C 2.0, OTGMicroUSB 2.0


As you can see, the two phones have very similar displays. The Itel S23 4G has a slightly higher resolution and a higher refresh rate though.

In terms of overall quality, both displays are good for the price range. They are both bright and clear, and they have good viewing angles. The Itel S23 4G’s higher refresh rate may give it a slight edge for gaming or watching videos, but the difference is not likely to be noticeable for most users.

Ultimately, the best display for you will depend on your individual preferences. But if you want the best possible display, the Itel S23 4G is the way to go.

Below is a table detailing the specific display specs of each device:

FeatureItel S23 4GItel A60s
Display size6.6 inches6.6 inches
Display resolution720 x 1612 pixels720 x 1612 pixels
Display typeIPS LCDIPS LCD
Refresh rate90Hz60Hz
Pixels per inch (PPI)269267
Aspect ratio20:920:9
Colors supported16M16M
Screen-to-body ratio~89%~88.8%


For the camera comparison, let us start with itel S23 4G’s camera first:

The itel S23 4G’s cameras are mediocre at best. Daylight photos are inconsistent and can be grainy, and night mode photos are noisy and unusable. Portrait mode produces uneven blurring effects. Video quality is also just “alright.”

However, the itel S23 4G’s cameras can be used creatively to produce nostalgic-looking photos. Overall, the itel S23 4G’s cameras are good for the price, but they have some shortcomings.

Now unto the itel A60s’ camera:

The itel A60s has an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. It can take decent photos in ideal conditions, but struggles in low light. Video recording is also decent in good lighting, but below average in low light.

The itel A60s’s cameras are good for the price, but it could have been better. The cameras struggle to separate the subject and background in portrait mode, and they can produce uneven smoothness, grain, and blurring in low light. However, if you are willing to plan your shots and use the right settings, you can still take great photos with the itel A60s.

Featureitel S23 4Gitel A60s
Rear camera50MP + QVGA8MP
Front camera8MP5MP
Video recording1080p@30fps1080p@30fps
Night modeYesNo
Portrait modeYesYes
Bokeh effectYesYes
LED flashYesYes

As you can see, the itel S23 4G has a higher resolution rear camera than the itel A60s. However, the itel A60s has a dedicated night mode, which the itel S23 4G does not have.

In terms of portrait mode, both phones have similar features. They both have a bokeh effect, and they both have a dedicated portrait mode. However, the itel S23 4G’s portrait mode may be slightly better, as it has a higher resolution rear camera.

Overall, the itel S23 4G’s cameras are slightly better than the itel A60s’s cameras. However, the itel A60s’s night mode is a significant advantage.


First off, The Itel S23 4G runs on a Unisoc Tiger T606 processor clocking in at 1.61GHz (both the two large cores and six little ones are clocked at the same speed). It has 4GB of RAM that can be expanded up to 8GB with its Virtual RAM function.

It may help with multitasking, but at the end of the day, it all depends on what SoC can handle. What’s surprising is the 128GB storage onboard which is a rarity for its price. More apps, more data, more fun.

It scored around 223,985 points on AnTuTu Lite (v9.5.9) which is more than enough to run most apps with minimal stutters and lag.

For the itel A60s, it has an entry-level UNISOC SC9863A processor with max clock speeds up to 1.6GHz.

Of course, being an entry-level chipset, it provides less than ideal experience when playing graphics-intensive games. The itel A60s can probably handle games like Fruit Ninja, My Talking Tom, and the like– but games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the ever so elusive to most phones when it comes to smoothness, Genshin Impact.

The latest AnTuTu Benchmark version, 10.0.3, can’t run on this device, but we installed an older version (v.8.4.5), scoring 96,142 points. Those are pretty entry-level scores. This is on par with other processors, such as the Helio A22 and maybe the older Snapdragon 450 chipset.

Operating System

For the OS, let us start with the itel S23 4G.

The itel S23 4G runs on a proprietary operating system that is similar to Infinix’s XOS and TECNO’s HiOS. We are not the biggest fans of this software, but you can use a different launcher to improve the look and feel of the interface.

We like the fact that there is minimal bloatware on the itel S23 4G, and we also appreciate the Peek Proof feature, which prevents people from seeing your notifications.

We just wish that the itel S23 4G would be updated to the latest version of Android. However, given the phone’s budget status, we are not expecting that much.

For the itel A60s,

The itel A60s runs on Android S Go, a slimmed-down version of Android 12 designed for low-spec devices. It has 128GB of internal storage, which is rare for a phone in this price range. It also has a feature called MemFusion, which can extend the phone’s RAM by an additional 4GB.

The itel A60s has a clean itelOS with fewer bloatware than previous releases. It also has a few special features, such as the ability to take a screenshot with three fingers and use the rear fingerprint scanner as a camera shutter.

The itel A60s has good battery life thanks to features like ultra power saving and intelligent power-saving scene. The itelOS V8.6.0’s lightweight load on the system helps the phone run smoothly in the long run.

We are not sure if the itel A60s will receive an Android 13 update, but it is a good phone for the price.

Because it is not a condensed version of Android, the operating system on the Itel S23 4G is significantly superior in this area. Although it is heavier than the Android S Go, it is significantly broader and has more settings and possibilities for customization.


The price of the itel S23 4G and the itel A60s is as follows:

itel S23 4G₱3,899 (4GB RAM + 128GB storage)
itel A60s₱3,999 (4GB RAM + 128GB storage)

Well. The itelS23 4G is 100 pesos cheaper even with the pricing. But remember that the itel A60s is still available until 6 p.m. on June 20, 2023, so snag it while you can. Click here for the itel A60s shopee link.


If you have read this comparison article right through the end, then you already know the answer, the conclusion to this conundrum: the itel S23 4G is better in every area. Well, the itel A60s is on sale until 6 p.m. later, making it an ideal entry-level phone WHILE its on sale. And once again, click here for the itel A60s shopee link.


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