Meta employees not happy with the Metaverse, Zucc gets critiques after massive layoffs

With all the overblown billions of spending Meta did on Metaverse with those half-bodied avatars, employees predict that it will kill the company soon

Since then, Meta has revealed that 13% of its staff will be let go. There are around 11,000 Meta employees who are unemployed in total.

Since then, Mark Zuckerberg has provided an explanation. Additionally, he asserts that all workers would receive fair compensation. On the Blind anonymous forum, many employees, however, criticised the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Numerous criticisms of Zuckerberg and the Metaverse have been made. They assert that Meta is being dragged towards a gradual demise by the metaverse project.

Many individuals left comments on Blind the day Meta made the layoffs announcement. We are being dragged into a gradual death by the Metaverse.

By manipulating the Metaverse alone, Zuckerberg is capable of bringing down an entire corporation. A user posted with the title “senior software developer.” The Hunger Games were compared to the layoffs. “Meta’s future is filled of uncertainties,” another user commented.

On Blind, workers can anonymously air their concerns about their employers. However, users must first enter their employer, job title, and work email address. Blind is able to “evaluate” the post’s veracity in this way. As a result, it is real when Blind lists a user as a Meta employee.

Users’ employment status, however, isn’t always formally verified. Because of this, Blind is unable to confirm the position that these users occupy. This indicates that using Blind’s data to determine employee thoughts is more accurate.

Blind states that from time to time, it will prompt users to re-verify their accounts.

Almost all of the comments on our site are written by current workers of the various organizations, according to Rick Chen, head of PR at Blind. This is due to the fact that many people lose access to Blind after being dismissed or quit.

Nearly 6,000 reviews of Meta have been submitted by staff members since 2020 on Blind. The business is rated four out of five altogether. A self-described Meta engineer rated the business with five stars.

He asserts that the business has “skilled coworkers,” a “wonderful workplace culture,” and a lengthy “perks list.” However, the engineer noted that Zuckerberg was steering the business in the wrong path on the day of the layoffs.

Data scientist user at Meta stated that layoffs at the executive level were necessary, adding, “Leadership has no clue, they confuse bad acts for progress.”

Meta received a four-star review from a user who claims to work in talent acquisition. He agreed that it is “one of the best places to work” in the industry. Zuckerberg “isn’t afraid to take risks (which is both a good and a bad thing),” he continues.

Another user, who identified himself as a senior technical program manager, wrote: “Bad leadership is drowning the ship.” He asserts that Meta has several “disadvantages” in addition to perks including “high wages,” benefits, and talent.

“No responsibility at the director level and above” is one of the negative aspects. He further asserts that the vice presidents and directors do nothing more than take revenues out of the business.

“I believed it was a data-driven corporation,” he continued. But in reality, it’s a business that is guided by instinct and feeling. No one can overturn Zuckerberg’s choice. One star was all that one more engineer gave the business. He calls the widespread layoffs “the worst in history.”

He continues, “With the significant layoffs, I wouldn’t recommend anyone work there until the stock price fully recovers.”

Not all Meta employees, meanwhile, are against Zuckerberg. An ex-employee who was recently let go claimed that Zuckerberg handled the layoffs in a “human” way.


  • Meta will pay 16 weeks (four months) of base pay as severance. Additionally, it will pay two extra weeks for every year of service.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Meta will refund all unused paid time off.
  • Restricted Shares (RSU): On November 15, 2022, all impacted parties will receive equity awards.
  • Health insurance: For a period of six months, Meta will cover the impacted employees’ and their families’ medical costs.
  • Health Insurance: Meta will cover affected employees’ and their families’ medical costs for the next six months.
  • Meta will offer three months of career counseling to outside vendors. Early access to unpublished job leads will be part of this.
  • Support for immigration: If there are issues with immigration, Meta will help.

After firing over 10,000 employees from Meta, Mark Zuckerberg attacked Elon Musk. He asserts that at least Meta layoff is not like Twitter during a recent staff meeting. At least we’re not Egypt, he says. Twitter was ruined by Elon Musk so severely. Musk and Zuckerberg do not get along.

They have harsh words for one another. A corporation CEO has never found it simple to inform staff members that they are no longer employed. In the last week or so, Musk and Zuckerberg have let go of close to 15,000 workers.

No Meta employee is secure at the moment. The business asserts that it is unable to “make any assurances.” One of the many tech firms that have started big layoffs recently is Meta. Snap announced earlier this year that it would reduce its personnel by 20%.

Lyft, a major ride-hailing company, recently fired 700 workers. The massive fintech company Stripe let go 1,000 employees, or 14% of its workforce.


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