Motorola: 2-in-1 flexible smartphone-smartwatch demoed at Lenovo event

A smartphone that can bend as a smartwatch is just a glimpse of the future. 

During the Lenovo Tech World 2023, Motorola showed off a very interesting piece of technology: adaptive display. The concept demonstrated that a flexible phone could also become a wristwatch in form and action.

Image credit: Lenovo

The smartphone’s default straight form hinted nothing special but once you glance the ridged back, you’re in for a surprise. Powered by AI and pOLED flexible display, the unnamed Motorola phone could stand on its own like a tripod or bend around the user’s wrist.

The phone automatically primes based on its current form. As a tripod, it still works like any other smartphone, albeit imitating a smaller screen.

On the wrist, it would instantly show the digital clock. This is a signal that a user can have a 2-in-1 smartphone-smartwatch device.

Image credit: Lenovo

As a concept, Motorola is yet to reveal the entire tech specifications, release date, and even price. However, it’s been determined that the flexible phone has 6.9 inches of display with full HD+ resolution.

Here are the other things we know so far:

  • The screen orientation follows the device’s shape.
  • It mimics a 4.6-inch display in tripod form.
  • It can generate unique images similar to the user’s outfits.

The event is all about AI, so the Motorola flexible smartphone boasts AI innovations, such as:

  • MotoAI: A continuously evolving AI model that serves as a virtual personal assistant of the user.
  • Mobile Doc Scan 2.0: This comes with an AI model to upgrade the Doc Scanner found in Motorola camera systems.
  • AI Text Summarization: Let the AI summarize longform chats and other written media and distill them to key messages for quick comprehension.
  • Privacy Content Obfuscation: An AI engine helps shield the privacy of users from spectators.

Keep in mind that the phone and AI engines are still concepts. But with a prototype presented on stage means that we’re likely to see one or two launching next year.


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