Netflix now allows you to remove any account you wish to

“Families grow, relationship ends,” says Netflix. Now you have the power to remove your ex-roommate’s Netflix account who still has the audacity to use it without paying for months on end

Shared accounts have long been a useful way to get the most out of your Netflix subscription, but the company has cautioned users that abusing this feature could result in legal action starting in 2023. There is now more information available about the company’s efforts to pursue those excessively shared accounts.

Netflix’s fight against linked accounts is still going strong. A new shared account policy and advertising were added to Netflix’s Basic package. due to the poor performance and membership losses reported in April and July.

Under the new system, users who share an account and reside at different addresses will now be charged an extra fee. Netflix continues to develop it despite the initial tests’ mixed results.

In fact, they recently unveiled the “Account Transfer” option, which is intended to deal with this unusual situation. Thanks to this feature, users who “leave” the shared account, for example, can maintain their preferences and transfer them to a new account that is solely theirs.

We can now find a fresh choice in the account settings. Through our account, you can see the most recent devices to use the service. by utilizing the “Manage Access and Devices” option.

You can therefore check this information as well as remove those gadgets from the account with just a single click. All members now have access to the much requested tool that will let them manage the security of their accounts on the web, iOS, and Android.

The primary subscriber, who manages the account from their email account and pays for the subscription, is granted full control of it. It results in difficult situations. For instance, they will be allowed to kick you out for any reason (legal or not) if you share with the person who pays.

It’s true that it can also be used to ban users who shared an account but might not have contributed fairly to the membership costs. Netflix did provide the option to log out of all devices before this new rule. However, it now gives more authority to the subscriber who pays for the shared account.

According to those in control, Netflix recently introduced “Profile Transfer,” a new feature that enables users of your account to transfer a profile when they create their own membership.

The only reason for the new feature’s existence is the growing persecution of shared accounts, which will happen substantially more frequently in 2023. This tool is strong proof that account sharing will be difficult in the near future (or more expensive).

The functionality would allow you to create a new account if you stopped sharing an account, according to the release. without losing your history or choices.

Why would you stop sharing accounts? People relocate, families expand, and relationships come to an end, claims Netflix. And it is true that the choice is suitable under those conditions.

But we are unsure of what caused it. Netflix has put in place two different strategies. because of the decrease in subscribers it saw in April and the rise it saw in July. The first step is to put a basic plan with advertising into action.

Second, there will be an extra charge if you share a Netflix account and use the service from a location other than your home.

In other nations, this brand-new shared accounts method is already being evaluated. And there, the price increase varies depending on how many users you add to the shared account. Depending on the country and Netflix plan.

Despite the fact that it seems like the initial tests were unsuccessful. This “Profile Transfer” feature has been activated, which means that the new account sharing policy will soon be globally implemented.


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