Nothing Phone (2) design confirmed, Glyph Interface updated

The Nothing Phone (2) is set to launch on July 11th. The phone has two colors, white and gray. The design of the back of the phone has not changed much, but the Glyph Interface has been altered

The Glyph Interface is a series of LED lights on the back of the phone that can be used to indicate different things, such as notifications, charging status, and more. The new Glyph Interface has 11 segmented LED strips, compared to 5 on the original Nothing Phone (1). It also has 33 LED lighting zones, compared to 12 on the Phone (1). This gives the phone more granular control over the LEDs, which can be used to create more complex notification patterns.

The Nothing Phone (2) also supports volume control on its back using the Glyph Interface. The LED strips will light up in different patterns depending on the volume level. The phone also has a Glyph timer that shows the remaining time in a countdown. Finally, the phone has a feature called Essential notifications that assigns a specific LED to a particular app. The LED will stay lit until you clear the notification.

MKBHD’s exclusive look video is embedded below for your reference:

Nothing will also work with third-party app developers to take advantage of the new Glyph Interface.



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