POCO F5 VS POCO X4 GT Comparison

In the world of smartphones, the POCO F5 and the POCO X4 GT stand out as two exceptional devices. While they share some similarities, they also have several differences that set them apart from each other.

In this comparison, we will delve into five key areas – design, display, performance, cameras, and price – and explore how these phones differ from each other and which one is overly better


The POCO F5 is way lighter than the POCO X4 GT weighing 181g compared to the 200g. It also has thinner bezels and even thinner body giving it a much more sleek appearance and feel compared to the X4 GT. Both seem to have a glass back but only the F5 actually has an IP rating of 53. Overly, the POCO F5 design is more modern and desirable giving it the edge in this category

POCO F5 – 1 : POCO X4 GT -0


Display-wise, the POCO F5 has a larger AMOLED display of 6.67 inches, while the POCO X4 GT has a slightly smaller IPS LCD display of 6.6 inches. The POCO F5 also boasts a higher screen-to-body ratio with thinner bezels resulting in more screen space.

The POCO X4 GT, on the other hand, has a higher refresh rate of 144Hz compared to the POCO F5’s 120Hz. It also has a slightly higher resolution of 1080 X 2460, compared to the 2400 on the F5.

Overall, the POCO F5 has a better display and a sleeker design with a larger display and a sleeker look. Even though the 4X GT has a higher refresh rate, its IPS LCD takes a toll on it including the thicker bezels. This could be considered a draw

POCO F5 – 1 : POCO X4 GT -1


When it comes to performance, the POCO F5 takes the lead with a more advanced chipset, the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 (4nm) . The POCO X4 GT has a Mediatek Dimensity 8100V(5nm) chipset. That means The POCO F5 does a better job in managing power consumption and it can also display better graphics.

In terms of charging capabilities, both phones have the same charging speed but the POCO X4 GT has a slightly bigger battery. It has 5080mAh, compared to the 5000mAh on the F5.

Both have the same amount of storage with 256GB abut the F5 has a higher RAM of 12GB, while the POCO X4 GT 8GB. Overall, the POCO F5 offers better performance and more storage with more RAM so it wins.

POCO F5 – 1 : POCO X4 GT – 0


Both phones have a triple rear camera system with similar features, such as LED flash, HDR, and panorama. However, the POCO F5 has a better main camera sensor with 64 MP and optical image stabilization, while the POCO X4 GT has a slightly lower 64 MP sensor without OIS.

Both phones have the same 16 MP front camera. In terms of camera quality, the POCO F5 edges out the POCO X4 GT.

POCO F5 – 1 : POCO X4 GT – 0


Finally, the price point of these two phones is an important consideration. The POCO F5 is generally more expensive than the POCO X4 GT. It costs Php 20,999 while the X4 GT costs Php 18,990. We must say though that the extra features and capabilities justify the higher price tag. If you’re looking for a phone with a larger display, better performance, superior camera quality, and faster charging capabilities, the POCO F5 is the clear winner.

POCO F5 – 0: POCO X4 GT -1


In conclusion, the POCO F5 is the better phone overall. It boasts a more modern design, better performance, superior camera quality, faster charging capabilities, and better protection features. While the POCO X4 GT has a slightly smaller form factor and a higher refresh rate display, the POCO F5’s advantages in the other areas make it the clear winner between these two phones.


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