Rendon Labador rejoins Facebook: Is he reformed?

Just a few hours ago, Rendon have posted on his Facebook page citing that he has changed, along with some of formal pictures

Rendon Labador, a controversial social media influencer, has been suspended/locked from his accounts on TikTok, Youtube, and X(formerly Twitter). The suspension came after he was accused of posting several controversial and offensive content.

Labador’s TikTok account was suspended on August 31, 2023 and his Facebook page was also suspended on Sept. 7, 2023, after it was reported by netizens for violating the platform’s community standards. His YouTube channel was suspended on September 7, 2023, for the same reason. Also, in one of his Instagram stories, Labador posted a screenshot of the notice he received from Instagram. The message said that his Instagram account “may be deleted” because some of his previous posts did not follow its community guidelines. 

The suspension of Labador’s accounts has sparked a debate on social media. Some people have defended him, saying that he is being unfairly targeted. Others have criticized him, saying that he deserves to be suspended for his actions. 

Regardless of the opinions, the suspension of Labador’s accounts is a reminder that social media platforms have the right to remove content that they deem to be inappropriate. It is also a reminder that users should be careful about the content they post on social media, as they could face consequences for their actions.

In a recent interview, Labador said that he is “demotivated” by the suspension of his accounts. However, he vowed to come back stronger. “I will not give up,” he said. “I will continue to fight for my rights.”

It remains to be seen whether Labador will be able to regain access to his social media accounts. However, the suspension has certainly damaged his reputation and made it more difficult for him to reach his audience.

The case of Rendon Labador is a reminder of the power of social media platforms. These platforms have the ability to make or break careers, and they should be used responsibly. Users should be aware of the terms of service of the platforms they use, and they should avoid posting content that could get them suspended.

In addition to the suspension of his social media accounts, Labador has also been met with criticism from the public because of his controversial takes regarding celebrities.

Rendon has also expressed immensed sadness and hope that his Facebook account will be back some day. 

Screenshot taken by Bandera

And now, earlier this day(October 2), Rendon Labador have managed to regain his official Facebook page. He had posted several photos to commemorate the event.

He also posted a comment on his post saying that, he feels good because he’s changed…for the better perhaps?

Let’s all hope that he’s really reformed.



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