Wanbo Mozart 1 Review: Share the magic of cinema with family and friends

Conquer movies or games with cinema experience at the comfort of your home in Wanbo Mozart 1.

Getting the cinema experience at home is not easy. You can get a large TV to stream your favorites, but you can’t move that thing around. You can buy a premium projector to mimic a theater, but many of them are bulky and heavy.

So, Wanbo is giving you the middle ground in Mozart 1 – a smart projector and flagship model of its class with intelligent ways to configure and enhance your home theater experience.


Before we get up close and personal, let’s do a quick specs check for Wanbo Mozart 1.

Size/dimension176 x 209 x 223 mm
Weight3.5 kg
Lens5 pcs of high-concentrated optical lens
Resolution1920 x 1080
Brightness900 ANSI
Compatible resolution2K/4K
Storage32 GB
Operating systemAndroid 9
SpeakerYes with bass unit
ConnectivityHDMI 1.4, USB 2.0, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0

As shown above, the smart projector already has a built-in speaker and it isn’t to be underestimated. We’ll get to that later.

The weight may be heavy but you can move it from one place to another, letting owners create the best setup for binge watching. It even has a stand below its chin for optimal angles.


Four items are included in the package when you buy the Wanbo Mozart 1. You’ll get the beautiful white-colored smart projector, a remote control, a power cable, and a user manual. The remote control is the command center of the unit and we’ll explain later why.


Moving to the optics, the Wanbo Mozart 1 sports five pieces of high-concentrated optical lens that project high-quality visuals indoor and outdoor. These optical lenses work together and use the 16-point clear image projecting to bring movies to life.

The default resolution is 1080p but the projector is compatible with 2K and 4K. You can watch movies, stream online, and play games up to 4K without issues. The projector comes with 90% professional cinema-level color gamut that projects real color and incredibly clear image as if you’re watching at a movie theater.

Unlike other projectors, Mozart 1 has the PixelPro 5.0 optimal machine that combines the high brightness 900 ANSI, dust-proof, and heat dissipation. Watch all-day, all-night long with zero worries about the unit heating up or being buried in dust.


The Wanbo Mozart 1 delivers powerful acoustics with its soundwave vibrational audio. The unit has two built-in full-frequency speakers and a high-power subwoofer so every sound has a punch. These features are enough to handle a large room of about 60 meters with ease.

When the volume is at max, everyone can hear everything and will probably make horror films feel real.

If you want a solo experience, listen deeply with the dedicated 3.5-mm headphone jack. 

You can also use Bluetooth speakers for wireless enhancements.


Booting up the Wanbo Mozart 1 just requires pressing the power button at the top of the unit and waiting for a few moments. Don’t worry because no ads are present during booting.

The projector is powered by Android 9, giving you the power to install more apps on its 32GB internal storage. The experience when navigating interfaces and loading of content is fast, thanks to the 2GB of RAM.

Any visual content you choose can be projected via the HDMI port, two USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The device supports Wi-Fi 6 for faster downloads and transmission. It also lets you do screen-mirroring with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. But you may need to install Miracast to do it on your mobile device.

Testing the device in streaming HD content on YouTube showed no buffering or lags. Any hiccups here will depend on your internet connectivity, not on the projector.

When setting up the projector, you also need to configure a number of things before watching. Mozart 1 can do auto-configuration in four different methods: auto focus, auto keystone correction, auto obstacle avoidance, and auto alignment.

Auto Configuration SystemsDescription
Auto focusAutomatically focuses to ensure sharp images.
Auto keystone correctionAutomatically detects and corrects distorted images.
Auto obstacle avoidanceAutomatically detects obstacles when projecting and avoids it by scaling images.
Auto screen alignment Automatically aligns the size of images to the size of the screen.


Wanbo Mozart 1 is an intelligent fully automatic projector that can connect you to popular platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, and Disney+. With Android OS, you can get more via the Google Play Store.

If the platform is only supported on your smartphone, use screen-mirroring to binge watch or share the latest episodes with your friends. Screen mirroring uses a wireless connection and reflects what your device’s screen is showing.

Back to gaming, link your console, PC, tablet, or smartphone to the smart projector and experience gaming in cinema mode. Whether that’s Genshin Impact or NBA 2K24, just max the graphics and be immersed in high definition with Mozart 1.

There’s one more thing we had during the unboxing: the Wanbo HD Anti-light Curtain (sold separately). This is a specially-made projector cloth that you can place on the wall using the included adhesives.

The projected image will be clearer and sharper on this material. Even when exposed to light, you can still see the power of the Wanbo Mozart 1 on the special curtain.


Since Wanbo Mozart 1 is quite powerful, it needs a reliable cooling system. The company installed a mini AC inside the projector to dissipate heat. 

The air inlet is at the back while the outlet is at the front. With a dust-proof design, the cooling system won’t be collecting dust, which can block the fans.

Based on our experience, the fans are truly expelling heat out of the projector and you cannot hear them unless you listen very closely to the unit. The built-in speakers can drown the fans’ noise effortlessly.


Of course, many want to know how long Wanbo Mozart 1 will last? There are two main factors to consider here.

The first is exposure to environmental factors, such as temperature and water. This smart projector isn’t water resistant but is dust-tight to prevent dust from accumulating over time.

The second is the lifespan of the lamp and using the projector will decrease the amount of light emitted. According to Wanbo, Mozart 1 has a 20,000-hour life expectancy. We have 24 hours in a day and 20,000 will translate in about 2.28 years.

What We Liked

There are many things that we liked about Wanbo Mozart 1.

It’s usable indoors and outdoors as long as you can plug the device. You don’t have to worry about dust getting inside the projector because of its design.

The power board is placed within the projector, eliminating that bulky, accident-prone, and ugly adapter on the floor.

The device is more flexible than smart TVs, which have fixed sizes and are risky to move often. Mozart 1 only weighs 3.5 kg and is easier to set up than wall-mounted TVs. Plus, you can resize the projection screen from 30 to 50 inches or even more.

The projector uses diffuse reflection to let you watch your favorite shows. That greatly reduces eye strain even if you’re watching videos at large scales. People who don’t like big TV screens won’t dislike watching via a projector.

Mozart 1 also has blue light protection to further cut down the unwanted blue light.

And lastly, sharing content from your other gadgets is made convenient with wired and wireless connections.

As the Christmas season draws near, Mozart 1 can definitely bring the fun to the crowd with high-quality audio experience and clear huge screen, making it possible to have an unforgettable Christmas party.

What We Disliked

Wanbo did an amazing job with its flagship Mozart 1 smart projector. However, there is still room for improvement.

The heat dissipation system is quiet and does well at preventing the projector from overheating. But users will need a separate cooling system for the room, like a good AC. If you don’t have one, make sure that the room has excellent ventilation to keep the air moving.

The auto configuration feature is handy but there are moments where the projector cannot correct itself automatically. Although users can manually activate the auto configuration options, it might have been better if there was a tips-and-tricks guide in the box for manual adjustments. This may even help users to get familiar with the settings.

Lastly, there are no manual buttons on the unit. If you lose the remote control, you’ll need to buy a new one. That said, users must take good care of this projector and its hardware parts.


You can buy the Wanbo Mozart 1 on Shopee and Lazada and get a ₱600 discount using the code WANBOUD60.

You can also buy the Wanbo Anti-Light Projector Screen on Shopee and Lazada and get a ₱100 discount using the code WANBOUD10.

For a bigger and wider experience, check out the Wanbo Mozart 1 100-inch HD Projector Screen on Shopee and Lazada and get a ₱200 discount using the code WANBOUD20.


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