Xiaomi and HUAWEI are now engaged in a legal battle

Two tech titans, Xiaomi and Huawei, are locked in a bitter dispute over foldable phone patents.

The sparks flew when Huawei filed a lawsuit, accusing Xiaomi of pilfering its patents related to foldable smartphone hinges. But Xiaomi isn’t backing down. They’ve vehemently denied the accusations, even accusing Huawei’s representative of “politely making false accusations and misrepresenting facts.”

At the heart of the clash lies the “dragon bone” technology, Xiaomi’s innovative hinge design for foldable phones. Xiaomi claims to have independently developed and patented this technology, which first graced the world in their Mix Fold 3 model. Its unique hinge mechanism, with its sleek folding action, undoubtedly caught Huawei’s attention – and ire.

“We urge Yu to follow basic scientific and rigorous standards,” Xiaomi stated in their defense, highlighting significant differences between their “dragon bone” hinge and Huawei’s patented design. They further urge Yu to “stop unfairly criticizing competitors or misleading the public in the future.”

The outcome of this patent war remains shrouded in uncertainty. Deciphering the truth and assigning blame in such intricate cases is no easy feat. As we mentioned, patent lawsuits can crawl on for years, draining both companies’ resources. It’s not uncommon for parties to eventually reach a settlement, and this could be the path Xiaomi and Huawei ultimately choose.

But until the dust settles, the foldable phone market remains on tenterhooks, watching this high-stakes battle unfold. Will Xiaomi’s “dragon bone” technology stand its ground, or will Huawei’s legal might prevail? Only time will tell.



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