Rules Of Survival: Paalam ROS!

Rules of Survival is ending its operations in June 27 2022. Players will no longer have access in the game servers after that. Rules of Survival is a free to play multiplayer online Battle Royale game published by NetEase Games in November 2017. Why is ROS shutting down? I think the reason why ROS is […]

Redmi 10C: Your Budget Gaming Phone

DESIGN DISPLAY PERFORMANCE CAMERA PRICING AND AVAILABILITY Maraming narelease na gaming phone this year (and we’re expecting more), but there’s always a budget-friendly version of the expensive things you always crave for. Enter Redmi 10C – a phone equipped with a Snapdragon 680, 5000mAh battery, a large 6.71” display, 1TB expandable storage, and a ton […]

Netflix will Offer almost 50 Games by the End of 2022

Netflix might be offering almost 50 games as part of its subscription by the end of 2022 said anonymous source told the Washington Post, the company is looking to explore and extend what they offer. Netflix might be sticking to mobile platforms at the beginning. The users of netflix have access to 18 current games […]

Elon Musk Now Owns Twitter?

It’s official! After weeks of teasing the people (and CEO’s), Elon Musk will now officially buy Twitter. He just made a deal with the company by purchasing it for a total of USD44 billion. This means magiging privately-owned na ang Twitter. Musk’s main reason for buying Twitter is it’s “potential.” Twitter is heavily moderated, and […]