There are Sleeping Pods, and then there’s Wank Pods

Hindi na bago ang sleeping pods – countries like Japan have them, and a few startups in the Philippines have begun their venture for compact comfort. But what if we tell you that there’s another “compact” form of “comfort”? A startup company takes VR tech to new heights, or in this case, inches. Stripchat, a […]

OPPO Has New Tech That Can Identify Fake Money

Sa panahon ngayon, it’s always better to have a credible source of information, and that includes if your money is fake or not. OPPO recently applied for a patent for their technology that can detect fake money. Malalaman mo na kung nabudol ka sa store ng pekeng one thousand, or the other way around, that […]

Google, Apple, and Microsoft Are Ditching Passwords Soon

Ilang passwords ang ginagamit mo for your personal and business accounts? If you’re using ten, that’s great! But, if you’re using only one, oras na para magbago ng online security habits. That’s what Google, Apple, and Microsoft plans to eliminate. Sa sobrang daming passwords na kailangan gamitin ng mga tao, it’s a major inconvenience to […]

New Vivo S15 Specs Reveal it’s a Mid-range Phone, Confirmed by Leaker

Digital Chat Station on Twitter just leaked information about the next mid-range phone vivo S15, and it’s showing impressive specs – actually, too good for a mid-range phone. The vivo s15 specs reveal that it’s going to be a midrange or high-end smartphone. At hindi lang isa, kundi dalawang models ang lalabas from the vivo […]