3 million toothbrushes are hacked through a DDoS attack

In an unforeseen turn of events, smart toothbrushes are now enlisted as the latest weapons in the arsenal of cybercriminals.

An image of a smart toothbrush

Shockingly, approximately 3 million of these commonplace bathroom gadgets have been compromised, manipulated to inundate online services with traffic, rendering them inaccessible. This unexpected development in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) security has been spotlighted by a recent report, revealing vulnerabilities in seemingly innocuous devices.

The focus of this unusual cyberattack was a Swiss company’s website. The incident involved smart toothbrushes being exploited to target the site, leading to its prolonged disruption and causing significant financial repercussions. This incident underscores a crucial message: any internet-connected device, whether it be a baby monitor or an electric toothbrush, holds the potential to be exploited for malicious purposes.

The cybersecurity firm Fortinet’s Swiss branch has been at the forefront of alerting the public to this issue. Stefan Züger, a member of the Fortinet team, emphasized the imperative of recognizing the risks associated with internet-connected devices. Their experiment, involving exposing an unprotected computer to the internet, resulted in compromise within just 20 minutes, highlighting the swift emergence of cyber threats.

The ubiquity of IoT devices in both homes and businesses expands the avenues through which attackers can execute distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. From routers and surveillance cameras to, now, toothbrushes, a wide array of devices can be commandeered to disrupt online services.

To counteract this growing threat, experts advocate for keeping the software of all networked devices up to date through automatic security patches. Additionally, the implementation of antivirus software and vigilant monitoring for unusual spikes in energy and data usage can aid in the detection and prevention of malware infections.



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