CD-R King is making a comeback soon?

After a period of apparent absence from malls across the Philippines, with its physical stores seemingly vanishing into thin air, CD-R King appears to be making a comeback, according to a viral Facebook post

Rumored CD-R King store. Source: Facebook

A viral Facebook post by has sparked speculation about the return of CD-R King, a once-ubiquitous electronics retailer in the Philippines. The post features a photo of what appears to be a newly opened CD-R King branch in an undisclosed mall. While netizens remain skeptical, there’s a nostalgic buzz surrounding the potential comeback.

At its peak, CD-R King boasted an impressive network of around 500 branches across the archipelago, a number that rivals that of Mang Inasal, one of the country’s most popular fast-food chains. Much like lechon manok, shawarma, or milk tea, CD-R King became synonymous with affordable computer parts and electronics, effectively monopolizing the market.

The company’s strategy revolved around importing products wholesale and then selling them to consumers through its extensive retail network. CD-R King also capitalized on its brand recognition by slapping its name onto generic products, turning them into CD-R King-branded items.

CD-R King Lazada store screenshot

There seems to be an online CD-R King Lazada store though; while the online store’s existence sparks hope for a CD-R King revival, it remains to be seen whether the brand can recapture its former glory and reclaim its position as one of the most popular electronics stores in the Philippines. The competitive e-commerce landscape and the changing preferences of consumers pose significant challenges that CD-R King must overcome.

Only time will tell whether CD-R King can successfully navigate the digital age and cement its place as a leading e-commerce retailer of electronics and accessories. However, the brand’s online presence and rumored physical store renewal marks a promising step in the direction of a potential revival, offering a glimmer of hope for those who fondly remember the convenience and affordability that CD-R King once brought to the Philippine tech scene.


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