Dimensity 9300 throttles to 46% in 2 minutes in vivo X100 Pro

Dimensity 9300 fails to live up to expectations as it struggles in heat management.

The Dimensity 9300 is a very powerful chipset that even challenges Qualcomm’s current flagship. MediaTek’s latest processor claims superior performance over the competition, thanks to its architecture.

Dimensity 9300 has four high-performance cores at the front and four extra cores as support, but no core is an efficiency unit. So, keeping this CPU cool during peak performance is a tall order, which happened.

A Twitter user posted the vivo X100 Pro under a throttling test to determine the performance and efficiency of Dimensity 9300. However, the CPU failed big time as per post. 

The performance rate declined sharply in just two minutes, dropping to as low as 46% – more than half of the maximum performance. If this happens in the real world, the phone will likely lag or stutter and that’s not good when gaming.

Keep in mind that a throttling test is designed to activate all cores of the chipset. It’s expected that the CPU will heat up during the test. 

Dimensity 9300 seems to need an active cooling solution, like a fan, to avoid overheating and maintain peak performance. But flagship phones like vivo X100 Pro are usually equipped with passive cooling chambers. So, a phone with a fan equipped with this CPU is something to look forward to.

Check out our specs page for vivo X100 and vivo X100 Pro below.


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