GTA 6 September 2025 launch leaked!

Someone leaked that GTA 6 isn’t coming next year and a social media user claimed that the leak includes sensitive information.

Until it’s officially launched, GTA 6 will be covered in mystery. Some of the questions players want to be answered include the specs, price, and of course, the release date.

According to a report, the release date might have been leaked. The estimated arrival of GTA 6 is in September 2025, thanks to an alleged office cleaner.

The leak first surfaced on Reddit but has since been deleted. However, a Redditor pinned a comment to expand the leak. The Redditor said that the address “555 Kings Road” matched what the leakster sent them. If you don’t know, that’s where the London HQ of Rockstar Games is.

The Redditor added that everything sent to them seemed to match, though they didn’t reveal any of it. They claimed that the leak contains sensitive info and “could potentially” get the leakster in more trouble than they’re already in.

Other Redditors were more focused on the assumed release date. Some even commented that the September 2025 is the most believable part of the leak. Others want proof to authenticate the details of the leak.

Regardless, you take that assumed date with a grain of salt. The release date is adjustable as needed and it has happened on many games before. The most common reason is extra polishing for stability and performance, and Rockstar may do that for GTA 6.

In the meantime, check out the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition for Android, iOS, and Netflix.


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