Leaks claim OPPO MariSilicon X2 coming next month!

Liu Bo confirmed the earlier rumors that OPPO had placed more than 10 million orders for its self-developed chips from TSMC. Liu Bo claimed that the current chip usage has topped 10 million, and that additional orders have since been placed.

Liu Bo also indicated that consumers will be able to observe some new second-step chip progress next month, but he did not give any specific chip details. He also addressed the new generation of chips. The Find X6 Series’ processor will be none other than the OPPO MariSilicon X2.

The majority of domestic manufacturers start with modest chips with specialized features, including Xiaomi’s Surge C1, P1, and G1, Vivo’s V1/V2, and OPPO’s MariSilicon X. The road to self-research chips is not easy for local manufacturers, with the exception of Huawei.

He emphasized that OPPO will keep making investments in the supporting technology. The personnel at OPPO is still growing because there is a requirement for chip adaptability as well as ongoing research and development.

This sector continues to get significant investment. The chip released this year is the first step; OPPO will then take a second step and continue to iterate on both the hardware and software. Greater changes will occur the next year.

The world’s first 6-nm image-specific NPU for mobile devices, MariSilicon X is the first image-specific NPU chip introduced by OPPO at the end of the previous year. This time, the Find X5 series, Reno8 series, and Reno9 series all have it installed.


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