LoL Introduces New Void Champ Bel’veth

League of Legends teased their newest champion Bel’veth in a cinematic. Watch the trailer below.

This is a continuation of The Call cinematic, just after Kaisa goes underground to the Void battling Xer’sai. In the trailer, Kai’sa finds herself in a strange lavender city (or sea?) and meets Bel’veth, a massive bat-octopus hybrid. There’s not much going on in the story, except that the tall, dominating woman masking the intelligent void monster beneath is setting itself as the newest threat to the universe of Runeterra.

There’s no official League of Legends leak on the abilities of the new champion, but several LoL enthusiasts show a swarm-like passive, and a Mundo-like boost for the R skill which synergizes with her other skills.

Bel’zeth is the 9th Void champion in the game. She’s been hinted at in League of Legend’s dev-video early this year, and is one of the newest monster champs that players have always wanted. Lore-wise, she has significant ties to Malzahar and Vel’Koz, as show in her other teaser videos.

Her backstory is available in the official League of Legends website.

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