MediaTek unveils Dimensity 9300+ processor: AI powerhouse for flagship phones

MediaTek steps up its flagship game with the Dimensity 9300+. While offering a refined CPU compared to its predecessor, the 9300+, the real focus is on next-level on-device AI processing.

MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ features, translated
MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ features, translated

This chip prioritizes running large language models (LLMs) directly on your phone, supporting big names like Google’s Gemini Nano and Meta’s Llama. MediaTek claims this broad compatibility, along with their LoRA Fusion tech, will unlock a wave of innovative AI applications.

Dimensity 9300+ boasts industry-leading performance for specific LLMs. For instance, it crushes Meta’s Llama 2 (7B parameter model) at a blazing 22 tokens/second.

Beyond AI, power efficiency gets a significant boost. The 9300+ reportedly cuts power consumption by 20% in certain games. It also packs a “star speed engine” for optimized network connections and supports using Wi-Fi and cellular data concurrently.

Diving Deeper: Technical Specs

The Dimensity 9300+ is built on a power-saving 4nm process and features an octa-core CPU. It boasts one ultra-fast Arm Cortex-X4 core clocked at 3.4 GHz, three more Cortex-X4 cores at 2.85 GHz, and four efficient Cortex-A720 cores at 2.0 GHz.

MediaTek’s next-gen NeuroPilot tech fuels the AI engine. The APU 790 lets you run various LLMs, from small 1 billion parameter models to massive 33 billion parameter ones. Notably, it claims to be twice as fast as competitors for 7 billion parameter LLMs.

The 9300+ integrates a second-generation hardware raytracing engine with an Arm Immortalis-G720 GPU for immersive visuals.

The chipset also features MediaTek’s Imagiq 990 ISP for enhanced camera capabilities and MiraVision 990 for improved visual processing.

For connectivity, the 9300+ boasts a 5G R16 modem with support for Sub-6GHz networks and speedy downlink speeds of up to 7Gbps.

Early Adopters

The Vivo X100S will be the first phone to wield the Dimensity 9300+, with the iQOO Neo9S Pro joining the party soon.



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