Nothing CEO not happy with Nothing Phone (2) Reviews

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, has reacted to the reviews of the Nothing Phone (2). In a video posted to YouTube, Pei said that he was “generally happy” with the reviews, but that there were a few key issues that he wanted to address

Are the reviews well enough to be considered as positive feedback?

First off, Carl Pei noted that the phone reviewed by MKBHD (which is fantastic) had quite a bit of dust near the camera. The fact that MrWhoseTheBoss cannot distinguish between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Nothing Phone (2) bothers Carl Pei as well. In addition, he is particularly pleased of his company’s hardware engineers as a result of JerryRigEverything’s phone review, which revealed the Nothing Phone (2)’s internals.

The phone’s camera is another significant flaw that reviewers (including The Verge) have brought out. Pei agreed that the camera is not the greatest available, but he said that Nothing is developing software upgrades to enhance the camera’s functionality. The Verge’s review also left Carl Pei with a bad taste since, despite the fact that the review usually states that the phone is fantastic, the score is only a 6/10, which is strange.

The phone’s speaker, which crackles at loud levels, is another concern brought up by Short Circuit. Carl Pei is also dissatisfied with Apple’s unfavorable business practices, which involve using a lock-in strategy to keep customers bound to their own Apple ecosystem and making it difficult to switch to something else once you’ve established a relationship with them.

Will Nothing solve the highlighted issues by the reviewers?

Pei said that Nothing is attempting to solve all of the small issues that have been highlighted by reviewers, while he is aware of a few others. He also said that reviewers should be more vigilant and honest with their reviews. Pei stated that he is generally “happy” with the evaluations of the Nothing Phone (2) and that he is sure that when software upgrades are released, the phone will keep getting better.

Right now, Nothing Phone is in a good position, but people should stop contrasting the Nothing Phone (2) with other phone brands like the OnePlus and iPhone because the Nothing Phone functions differently and has a distinct brand that Carl Pei wants to establish.


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