Pixel Fold’s official teaser video has been released!

Google I/O is arriving soon and According to a lot of recent rumors, the search giant will use the occasion to finally fully announce a bunch of new devices, like the Pixel Fold, the Pixel Tablet, and the Pixel 7a

Google itself has confirmed that the Pixel Fold is coming at I/O this year, which is taking place on May 10. The company posted the quick video teaser you can see below to its Twitter account, letting it all out in front of everyone to see.

Google has gone with a similar self-leak strategy last year as well, so this is nothing new of course. What is new for a foldable, especially nowadays, are those huge top and bottom bezels on the inner screen – we’re not sure what’s up with them and why they would be there. We’ve seen plenty of foldables and none of the latest ones have bezels as big as these appear to be.

Anyway, if you’re wondering about the Pixel Fold’s size, a bunch of leaks and rumors have already mentioned that it’s more akin to Oppo’s Find N and Find N2. Smaller overall, and when you unfold it, the inner screen is in landscape mode.

The device should be powered by Google’s very own Tensor G2 SoC, weigh 283g, and it might have an ever so slightly larger battery than the Galaxy Z Fold4. Google’s first foldable will retail for $1,799 in the US and will become available on June 27.

Here are our previous articles regarding the Google Pixel Fold:


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