realme C67 Full Review – The newest entry-level champion!

realme has solidified its status as one of the most beloved smartphone brands in the Philippines, and for good reason. Their commitment to delivering affordable smartphones without sacrificing essential features has resonated with users, providing a perfect balance between quality and budget.

Enter the realme C67, a budget-friendly smartphone that goes beyond expectations to meet the demands of modern users. Before we dive into its features, let’s embark on a quick unboxing journey to unveil the smartphone’s delights!

Quick Unboxing

The realme C67 delivers an immediately gratifying and promising experience right from the moment you unbox it. As you lift the lid, the C67 is gracefully presented at the top, adorned with a protective film for added elegance. Nestled beneath the phone are the meticulously packed essential accessories. The 33W SuperVOOC charger, coupled with a durable USB Type-C cable, ensures both efficient charging and swift data transfer.

realme goes the extra mile by including a transparent silicone case, offering instant protection for your new device. The SIM ejector tool, discreetly placed, is a small yet practical addition. Furthermore, the inclusion of a quick-start guide and easily accessible warranty information enhances the overall user experience, making the setup process seamless and hassle-free.

Enclosed within the packaging, you’ll find the following:

  1. realme C67 phone unit
  2. 33W SuperVOOC charger
  3. USB Type-C charger
  4. transparent silicone case
  5. SIM ejector tool
  6. documentation


Despite its budget classification, the realme C67 upholds exceptional build quality. The durable front glass ensures resilience against daily wear and tear.

Exemplifying a modern aesthetic, the C67 effortlessly merges functionality with visual allure. realme has noticeably refined the design language of its C series, presenting the C67 with a slender 7.59mm profile that enhances both its sleek appearance and ergonomic feel. Balancing a slim build with robust construction is a noteworthy achievement, providing a comfortable and secure grip at a weight of 185 grams, striking the ideal balance between substance and ease of one-handed use.

The camera module seamlessly blends functionality with style, featuring shiny rings encircling each lens for an added touch of elegance.

In terms of durability, the realme C67 stands firm with IP54 certification, offering resistance against dust and water splashes—an essential feature for unpredictable daily use and accidental exposure to the elements.

The phone’s design includes all the standard ports and buttons, featuring a USB Type-C port. Equipped with two microphones for noise cancellation and clearer communication, the realme C67 caters to various user preferences with the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack for traditional wired audio devices. Audio output is enriched through a set of stereo speakers strategically placed for an immersive sound experience, with one speaker at the bottom and the other doubling as the earpiece at the top.


Sporting an expansive 6.72-inch display, the realme C67 achieves an impressive 91.4% screen-to-body ratio, skillfully minimizing bezels for an immersive viewing experience. The front camera discreetly resides within a punch-hole cutout at the top, maximizing screen real estate without any disruption to the display.

The 1080 x 2400-pixel resolution harmonizes with the screen size, delivering a vivid and sharp visual experience. Featuring a 20:9 aspect ratio, the device provides an elongated display that enhances readability, browsing, and video enjoyment.

Also, an outstanding attribute of the C67’s display is its remarkable peak brightness of 950 nits, a noteworthy feature for a budget device. This elevated brightness ensures legibility even in bright outdoor conditions, while the 800 nits typical brightness suffices for indoor use. In terms of color reproduction, the IPS LCD panel performs commendably, though it may not match the vibrancy and deep blacks of an AMOLED display. Nevertheless, it delivers reasonably accurate colors and satisfactory contrast levels, making it suitable for everyday tasks and media consumption.

Taking a stride ahead in the budget segment, the realme C67 also has a 90Hz refresh rate, a significant upgrade from the standard 60Hz prevalent in many budget phones. The impact is particularly noticeable in gaming scenarios that support higher frame rates, delivering a more engaging and immersive gaming experience.

When streaming, the Widevine L1 certification on the device stands out as a notable advantage. This certification enables users to enjoy high-definition streaming on popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. The realme C67 offers a delightful experience when it comes to watching movies or TV shows, courtesy of its spacious screen, commendable display quality, and effective sound output.


The realme C67 is fueled by the Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 685 chipset, employing a cutting-edge 6 nm process technology processor. This octa-core CPU configuration consists of 4×2.8 GHz Cortex-A73 and 4×1.9 GHz Cortex-A53 cores, harmoniously paired with the Adreno 610 GPU. Striking a fine balance between efficiency and performance, the device is engineered to effortlessly handle everyday tasks, ensuring a seamless experience for the average user.

The smartphone also has two configurations: 128GB with 8GB RAM and 256GB with 8GB RAM. The ample internal storage caters to the needs of most users, and the dedicated microSDXC slot(expandable up to 2TB) provides the flexibility for further storage expansion. The substantial RAM ensures smooth multitasking, allowing multiple apps to run seamlessly in the background, and the added benefit of virtual RAM expansion enhances the device’s performance.


In everyday usage, the realme C67 runs very well. It navigates through routine tasks such as web browsing, social media interactions, and streaming seamlessly, without notable lag or stuttering. Despite not featuring the latest chipset, the Snapdragon 685 proves robust for light to moderate usage scenarios.

In terms of gaming, the device capably handles less graphically demanding games like Candy Crush or Mobile Legends smoothly. However, for more resource-intensive games like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Mobile, optimizing the graphics settings may be necessary to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

The phone doesn’t aim to set new performance records; instead, it focuses on delivering a reliable and consistently satisfying user experience. Notably, on Antutu, it achieves an impressive score of around 313,923 a decent feat for a budget device.

And also, during extended use, the realme C67 manages heat effectively. It doesn’t get uncomfortably hot, even during prolonged gaming sessions or while using demanding applications. This contributes to the overall stability and longevity of the device.


The realme C67 operates on Android 14, the latest rendition of Google’s operating system available at the time of its release. This ensures users enjoy a fresh and contemporary software experience. realme further enhances this with its proprietary layer, realme UI, renowned for its clean and user-friendly interface.

The interface is sleek and uncluttered, facilitating easy navigation through apps and settings. Users can personalize their experience with a plethora of customization options, including themes, icon packs, and a customizable always-on display.

An outstanding addition is the ‘Mini Capsule 2.0’, realme’s innovative take on an interactive notification and status system.

This feature elegantly displays information such as music playback, weather updates, and battery status in a dynamic, minimalistic manner—reminiscent of iOS’s Dynamic Island but with realme’s unique flair.

realme’s software also incorporates various utility features, including Game Mode for an optimized gaming experience and Focus Mode to minimize distractions. The inclusion of Android 14 brings users the latest privacy features and system-wide improvements, enhancing the overall user experience.

Audio quality

The realme C67 stands out in its price range by featuring stereo speakers that provide an unexpectedly robust audio experience. Delivering clear and distinct sound, these speakers strike a commendable balance between treble and bass, even though they may not produce the punchy bass characteristic of more premium devices. Nevertheless, the overall audio quality is more than satisfactory for everyday use.

In a time when many manufacturers are opting to exclude the headphone jack, realme distinguishes itself by retaining the 3.5mm audio jack in the C67…a huge plus!

Battery life and Charging

The realme C67 is equipped with a robust 5000mAh battery, which is the current standard for mid-range smartphones. Under average usage conditions, the phone effortlessly sustains a full day of media consumption and casual gaming; providing several hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Augmenting its substantial battery life, the phone also features 33W SuperVOOC fast charging. The included 33W charger showcases impressive efficiency, replenishing the battery from 0 to 50% in approximately 30 minutes—a remarkable feat within this price range. A full charge, from empty to 100%, can be achieved in just under 1.5 hours, exemplifying efficiency and convenience.

While the charging speed may not set records compared to the ultra-fast capabilities of some high-end models, it strikes an excellent balance between speed and battery health. It’s worth noting that the realme C67 doesn’t support wireless charging, a reasonable consideration given its positioning as a budget device.


At the core of the realme C67’s photographic capabilities lies its impressive 108 MP main sensor, marking a paradigm shift in the budget smartphone category. This high-resolution sensor excels in delivering exceptionally detailed and vibrant images, ensuring clarity even when zoomed in.

Complementing the primary sensor is a seemingly modest 2 MP depth sensor, yet it plays a pivotal role in portrait photography. Collaborating with the main camera, it orchestrates a depth-of-field effect, skillfully blurring the background and bringing the subject into sharp focus.

The camera’s daylight performance stands out, capturing images of high resolution, vibrant colors, and a balanced dynamic range under bright conditions.

In low-light scenarios, the C67 demonstrates its prowess. The night mode intelligently enhances photo quality in dimly lit environments, reducing noise and enhancing clarity. Although there may be a slight loss of detail and clarity in extremely dark conditions, the overall performance is more than satisfactory for a phone in this segment.

On the front, the phone boasts an 8 MP selfie camera, capable of capturing clear and natural-looking selfies. This versatile camera is suitable for everyday use, excelling in video calls and casual vlogging, with support for 1080p video recording.

Beyond its hardware prowess, the realme C67’s camera app elevates the photography experience with an array of modes and settings. Users can delve into the Pro mode for manual control, experiment with unique filters in street photography mode, or capture expansive scenes using panorama mode. The intuitive interface of the camera app ensures swift access to different modes and settings, while its responsive nature adds to an overall satisfying user experience.

Video recording

The video capabilities of the realme C67 are equally praiseworthy. With support for 1080p video recording at 30 fps and the added benefit of gyro-EIS for stabilization, the device ensures a seamless recording experience. This feature proves especially valuable for capturing smooth and steady videos while in motion, effectively mitigating the shake and jitter often encountered during handheld video recording.

Final Verdict

What we like:

  • The improved “Mini-capsule 2.0” – with a slew of features and useful information
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • 108MP main camera
  • IP54, dust and splash resistant
  • Expandable storage up to 2TB

What could be improved further:

  • Mini-capsule 2.0 needs more update
  • Low-light photography could be better

The realme C67 is offered at an enticing starting price, with the 8+128GB variant available for ₱9,999 and the 8+256GB variant for just ₱10,999.

Take advantage of exclusive early bird offers! Here are the details:

A. Online

a. realme C67 (8+128GB) early bird checkout price: ₱7,699

TikTok Shop: Feb 1, starting 7:30PM (until Feb 7 only)
Voucher Mechanism: Can be redeemed via realme Official TikTok Shop and used once only

Shopee and Lazada Shop: Feb 2, starting 12MN (until Feb 7 only)
Shopee Voucher Mechanism: Can use Mega Discount Voucher 10-15%
Lazada Voucher Mechanism: Can be redeemed and used once only

b. realme C67 (8+256GB) early bird checkout price: ₱8,699

TikTok Shop: Feb 1, starting 7:30PM(until Feb 7 only)
Voucher Mechanism: Can be redeemed via realme Official TikTok Shop and used once only

Shopee and Lazada Shop: Feb 2, starting 12MN(until Feb 7 only)
Shopee Voucher Mechanism: Camn use Mega Discount Voucher 10-15% OFF

B. Offline

a. Pre-order Period: February 1-8 only
FREE TechLife Flask 32oz worth ₱9,699 when you calim your unit from February 9 to 18 while supplies last
Get ₱200 OFF on TechLife Wireless Earbuds

b. Dice Game Promo: February 9-11 in participating realme stores
WIN either of the following: TechLife 10-Blade Remote Control Electric Fan, TechLife Handheld Fan 2, or TechLife Extension Cord with 3 USB Outlets

C. Official Installment Partner
a. Home Credit: 0% up to 18 months
February 7-29 only


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