Riot Officially Reveals Bel’Veth Abilities

Just a few hours ago, Riot revealed Bel’Veth’s ability rundown. There were already leaks and some sample gameplay clips on Youtube about the newest Void champion, but Riot itself hasn’t revealed anything yet.

Here’s a clip of Bel’Veth’s skills:

Some players might find her passive (Death in Lavender) too OP, as this allows her to stack attack speed infinitely. Even though there’s damage reduction, there are items in game that will benefit from high attack speed (think BotRK, or Kraken Slayer). Most of her builds will revolve around proccing true damage, or at least have a healthy balance between attack speed, true damage, and some sustain.

Her Q (Void Surge) is a four-directional dash. Cooldown in every direction scales with attack speed. The mechanics on the four-directional dash is almost similar to Urgot’s enhanced basic attacks. 


Her W (Above and Below) is a wind up stun that also knocks up enemies and slows them down. It’s the only CC in her kit which should complement her Q. Her E, Royal Maelstrom, is an AOE damage school that prioritises low health enemies which should come in handy during big fights. If the low health enemy dies, the attacks prioritise the next enemy with the lowest health.


In a way, Riot is consistent with the thematics. Her E is very similar to Malzahar’s E, Malefic Visions, but it’s limited in terms of range. The number of attacks during E’s cast also scales off of her attack speed. Her ultimate is Endless Banquet – this is the one LoL fans saw on her cinematic trailer.

Endless Banquet also provides another passive for Bel’Veth. Her second auto-attack transforms minions into Remora, fish-like voidlings that essentially serve the same function like Malzahar’s voidlings. 

The active form of the skill is her transformation into a massive, winged monster. This activates when she kills an epic monster like the Herald or the Baron. Takedowns grant extended form on her ultimate which gives her extra movement speed, attack speed, and attack damage. Her Q also allows her to dash over walls.


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