Riot Officially Reveals Bel’Veth Abilities

Just a few hours ago, Riot revealed Bel’Veth’s ability rundown. There were already leaks and some sample gameplay clips on Youtube about the newest Void champion, but Riot itself hasn’t revealed anything yet. Here’s a clip of Bel’Veth’s skills: Some players might find her passive (Death in Lavender) too OP, as this allows her to […]

LoL Introduces New Void Champ Bel’veth

League of Legends teased their newest champion Bel’veth in a cinematic. Watch the trailer below. This is a continuation of The Call cinematic, just after Kaisa goes underground to the Void battling Xer’sai. In the trailer, Kai’sa finds herself in a strange lavender city (or sea?) and meets Bel’veth, a massive bat-octopus hybrid. There’s not […]

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