TCL UV Connect+ Review: Coolest upgrade for your home

Not all inverter air-conditioners are the same, so TCL is offering the UV Connect+, which combines clean, cool, and comfort at a better price.

TCL is leading the race of innovative and energy-efficient air conditioners. This time, the company presents the TCL UV Connect+ that comes with many features, especially useful here in the Philippines. In this review, we will tell you what makes this AC model unique and why you should add it to your home upgrade list.


Be it a window or split type, an AC unit must cool a designated area. The most common way ACs cool down a room is by removing moisture and lowering overall humidity. This is augmented by blowing cool air into that room.

The TCL UV Connect+ cools the room through a gentle breeze, instead of blasting everyone by bone-chilling wind. If you check the part where the air comes out, you’ll see these S-shaped blades with holes on them.

Eighteen of such blades are installed with a total of 1,422 micro-holes to break apart the air before it rolls out of the AC. This simple design distributes comfortable cool air and prevents dry wind.

But there’s an extra that TCL added to this new AC model. It’s the dual filter that’s perfect for tropical countries. Unlike typical ACs, the TCL UV Connect+ doesn’t just blow cool air but it also releases Vitamin C via a filter to moisturize the skin. This is another way to fight the dryness experienced by people in air-conditioned rooms.

Alongside the Vitamin C filter is the anti-mosquito filter designed to keep those disease-carrying insects away from people and the unit. This is something to consider when buying an AC.


Cleanliness is important but nobody is really happy about cleaning; it’s messy and taxing. Thankfully, TCL added the CleanXpress feature on the UV Connect+ to alleviate this burden.

The feature automates a number of things, including reminding and cleaning. When the AC is connected to the TCL home app on your phone, the unit will remind you that the filter needs cleaning. The same reminder also appears on the front panel of the AC.

How about the automated cleaning? When it’s dirty, the AC will initiates the three-step auto-clean. This lets the evaporator coils defrost and dry on their own. Simultaneously, the AC uses water molecules to get rid of unwanted elements, such as dust, dirt, and other impurities.

You can also manually clean the filter located at the top of the unit. Clean this filter regularly to remove dust, dirt, and other matter that settled on it.

Just a big reminder. Although TCL UV Connect+ features an automated cleaning of the evaporator coils, this capability does not replace a professional.

You still need to hire professional help to maintain the cleanliness and orderly function of your AC unit. The auto-clean aspect is added for simple cleaning and extending the overall lifespan of the unit.

Air Quality

Using your AC very often may sometimes lead to a smelly air, which can be caused by germs. To inhibit microbial growth, TCL UV Connect+ sterilizes the room’s air in two ways.

First, it uses UV light, specifically the UVC type or the germ-killing ultraviolet light. When the air circulates through the AC, the LED UV light inside the unit destroys the DNA/RNA of bacteria and viruses. This helps control the spread of harmful pathogens moving in the air.

Second, the AC emits reactive molecules OH- (hydroxide) and H+ (hydron) to limit the growth of airborne bacteria in the room. There are two small outlets near the S-blades that release the molecules. OH- inactivates bacteria then attaches to H+ to form water molecules.

What We Liked

TCL UV Connect+ is a step-up in the modern cooling technology for homes. The things we liked about this new AC are:

  • Gentle breeze: No one wants a blast of dry, cold air aimed at their face or body. You want to cool down from the hot weather, not catch a cold and get sick.
  • Handy auto-clean: This is important for busy people. Just a simple tap and the AC will clean itself.
  • Cleaning reminder: As mentioned, the AC still requires professional cleaning every now and then. The cleaning alert on the unit and the app will remind users to schedule one.
  • Built-in disinfectant: The UVC and reactive molecules are good ways to sanitize the stagnant air in the room, inhibiting growth and spread of airborne pathogens.
  • Moisturize us: Dropping humidity is key in cooling air, but dry air is bad for your skin. The moisturizing effect fixes the issue between cold wind and dry skin. 

What We Disliked

Despite the impressive features of TCL UV Connect+, the unit still has downsides but they’re conditional.

Since this is a split-type AC, you’ll need a dedicated space for its outdoor unit. You cannot place it in a cramp area because it will affect the indoor unit’s performance. Also, the cost will go up if the indoor and outdoor units can’t be placed close to each other.

The AC will also require a specialist of home electrical systems and wirings. You don’t want the unit to short circuit or be at risk of electrical danger.


TCL UV Connect+ is a superb home cooling system with many useful features. But we can’t ignore that some circumstances related to housing and cost can limit the use or access to this AC unit.

The cost varies depending on the horsepower, typically ranging between 20,000 and 30,000 for a single unit. Though the return will be worth it, thanks to top-notch technologies like the UVC sterilization and anti-mosquito filter. Plus, the unit is energy-saving that translates to positive cost management over time, compared to typical ACs.

That said, if you’re living in a swinging condo and looking for a very efficient AC, the TCL UV Connect+ should definitely be at the top of your list. It’s a must for modern or smart homes and people who enjoy the future with the internet-of-things.


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