TECNO POVA 5 battery test while gaming: Can an entry-level gaming phone handle heavy gaming?

Will the TECNO POVA 5’s bold battery and charging capabilities wow us?

We gamers are very particular about our devices. We need a phone that can fulfill our needs, our wants – a phone that can handle heavy gaming. Well, with the TECNO POVA 5 promising a premium gaming experience, we performed a battery drain test for 10 minutes, with brightness at 50%, volume at 100% and every game running on the highest playable settings, the results are as follows:

Gameplay video/Battery test:

Mobile Legends

The game is operating at its maximum graphics settings albeit only in 90 FPS. Even while operating at full capacity for an extended period of time, the cooling technology on the phone allows it to remain noticeably cooler. The battery was depleted by 4% over the course of 10 minutes, which is really great given that it was running at maximum settings and 90 frames per second(ultra refresh rate), both of which consume a lot of power.

Call of Duty

The same as the result of playing Mobile Legends, the battery was depleted by 4% over the course of 10 minutes, which is just fine, knowing that it was running at medium settings and high refresh rate, both of which consume a lot of battery juice.

Genshin Impact

The stuttering in Genshin Impact is to be expected considering the game’s high system requirements. Due to the fact that it is only limited at 60 frames per second, it also consumed 1% more energy than other games. The power required to operate the game increases with the refresh rate. However, 5% over 10 minutes is still acceptable, particularly for a demanding game like Genshin Impact.

Game settings

GameGraphics SettingsFPS Quality
Mobile Legends: Bang BangUltraSuper
Call of Duty: MobileMediumHigh
Genshin ImpactLowest60

Drain test

For the drain test, here are the results for 10 minutes of heavy gaming:

Genshin Impact4% of battery percentage
Call of Duty4% of battery percentage
Mobile Legends5% of battery percentage

The findings could first alarm some users, but don’t worry—all games are set to their highest playable settings, so the phone is operating at peak efficiency for 30 minutes in total. For the majority of phones, an average of 4.33% battery loss over ten minutes of intense gaming is usual. As long as the phone supports rapid charging, this won’t be an issue.

For the full review of the phone, click here.


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