Tezos NFT Exhibition Showcases Leading Southeast Asian Artists at Singapore Art Week’s S.E.A. Focus 2023

The Tezos exhibition will feature leading artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, showcasing the flourishing creative economy in Southeast Asia at S.E.A. Focus 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – December 14, 2022 – S.E.A. Focus 2023, the main event of Singapore Art Week, will feature an exhibition powered by the ground-breaking Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain, Tezos, that will highlight the strength and promise of NFTs as an art medium.

Taking place from January 6 to 15, 2023, “Living System: An NFT Show” will feature collections by six prominent Southeast Asian artists, each of whom is defined by their own distinctive styles and disciplines.

As the first exhibition powered by a public blockchain to display an Asia-centric NFT collection at S.E.A. Focus during Singapore Art Week, the Tezos exhibition garnered news in the event’s 2022 iteration.

Visitors to the NFT exhibit at S.E.A. Focus 2023 will be immersed in an interactive NFT art experience through visual and aural forms, and they will be able to take home a special version of one of the featured pieces as a digital keepsake.

Living System: An NFT Show, a special 55m2 exhibition organized by Mama Magnet and housed in the Tanjong Pagar Distripark, will feature a variety of projected works by top national and international artists working inside the Tezos ecosystem.

They include Ykha Amelz and Discokid909 from Indonesia, Bjorn Calleja and the late Orkibal from Malaysia, CwndDien and Reza Hasni from Singapore. The exhibit “Living System: An NFT Show” depicts an interchange of rituals in the context of altering paradigms spanning technology, materials, mental space, and time.

It ties into “a world, afresh,” which is the curatorial theme for S.E.A. Focus 2023. The artists’ use of human and humanoid visual and/or aural cues created debates about the Living System — from activity and rest, to the mundane and magic in life’s journeys.

For this unique show, the six artists were each commissioned to produce three pieces of art, and guests will get an edition of one of the most sought-after works.

The TZ APAC team, who have carried out comparable best-in-class activations across the region, including the most recent Tezos exhibitions at Art Basel Hong Kong and Art Moments Jakarta, will be in charge of facilitating this interactive activation, which was developed in collaboration with akaSwap, an NFT platform built on Tezos.

The Tezos blockchain wallet, which can be generated in real time with a few simple clicks, will be used to claim and keep the NFT.

Filipino modern painter and multidisciplinary artist Bjorn Calleja developed his sense of community and identity by taking part in “Living System: An NFT Show.” “This is a fantastic chance for me to represent not just my work but also the groups I am a part of, such as the Filipino NFT community and Tezos artists, as well as every other aspect of who I am and what my art stands for”, he added.

“NFTs as an art medium is transforming itself into a new movement. A lot of Southeast Asian artists are championing the technology of NFTs not only as a means to make a living from making art, but as a way to interact with the world, open relevant issues and dialogues, and represent our heritage, culture, and identity on a global stage. 

Reza Hasni, a Singaporean motion artist and illustrator, shares that “web3 makes things a lot easier and more transparent as smart contracts and royalties are programmed to execute fairly when a piece of art is sold and resold among collectors.” He is also encouraged by the opportunities NFT as an art medium presents.

Anywhere in the world, this art may be easily made, purchased, and sold. The acceptance of NFTs mirrors the hope held by the artists. It also opens up fascinating conversations for simplifying how digital art might be employed by other non-art businesses. Four of the top ten nations in the Global NFT Adoption Table are from Southeast Asia, which has a sizable tech-savvy and mobile-first populace.

“Southeast Asian artists are actively adopting NFTs as a platform to share their works on, which have helped them to reach worldwide audiences, be fairly rewarded for their artwork, and be constructive changemakers for their communities,” said David Tng, Head of Growth at TZ APAC. At its core, the Tezos ecosystem is known for giving people the chance to see some of the best talent in the world.

In keeping with S.E.A. Focus’ mission to promote South African art across all platforms, including NFTs, and elevate it to a worldwide level. I’m looking forward to showcasing the versatility of NFTs as a medium for digital art, and celebrating the innovation in the contemporary art world with visitors who can have an immersive experience.”

Through the use of blockchain technology, “Living System: An NFT Show” seeks to unite and empower artists all across the world, a goal that is central to the Tezos ecosystem.

It’s an action that comes after a year of working with renowned art events around the globe and forging alliances aimed at advancing the creative economy. The Tezos Foundation and Web3 and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Cordell Broadus have collaborated to develop the Champ Medici arts fund, a $1 million program to encourage up-and-coming artists in Asia and throughout the world.

Tezos is smart money that redefines what it means to own and trade value in a future where everything is linked to the internet. Tezos is a self-upgradable, low-energy Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a track record that easily accepts new technologies without causing network outages today. Visit www.tezos.com for further details.


Tezos has won widespread recognition as the platform of choice for artists and institutions wishing to mint NFTs sustainably and ethically. It is an energy-efficient blockchain. A broad, international network of artists, collectors, and builders who are investigating NFTs as a new form of artistic expression may be found in the Tezos NFT art community. At Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, Art Basel Hong Kong 2022, Art Basel Basel 2022, Venice Biennale 2020, SXSW 2022, and other events, the Tezos art community has been highlighted. A non-profit organization in the Tezos ecosystem called the Tezos Foundation recently launched the Tezos Foundation Permanent Art Collection, a $1 million initiative to support up-and-coming artists from around the world. The collection is being curated by activist and commentator Misan Harriman, who also serves as chair of the Southbank Center in London. Since key NFT platforms like fxhash, Objkt.com, and Teia.art are hosted on Tezos, more artists than ever are opting to produce on Tezos.

TZ APAC Pte. Ltd. (“TZ APAC”) is the main blockchain adoption organization centered in Asia that supports the Tezos ecosystem. Working collaboratively with blockchain specialists and other Tezos ecosystem partners, it develops bottom-up value-added blockchain transformation solutions for businesses and artists. The Tezos Foundation provides funding for TZ APAC, which has its headquarters in Singapore.

S.E.A. Focus is a renowned exhibition space for Southeast Asian contemporary art. In order to promote a greater understanding of contemporary art and artists in the area, it strives to bring together a quality curation of established and up-and-coming artistic talents. S.E.A. Focus is a platform that fosters different cultural interactions and sparks discussion about Southeast Asian art, underlining its distinctive position as a center for the art market. It serves as a meeting place for creative vision and vigor. The National Arts Council of Singapore commissioned S.E.A. Focus, the focal point of Singapore Art Week, a project sponsored by STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery.

Singapore-based STPI is a vibrant creative workshop and gallery for modern art. One of the most cutting-edge locations for contemporary art in Asia, STPI was founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creative experimentation in the print and paper media. As a member of the regionally significant national Visual Arts Cluster, STPI is situated beside the National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum.

David Tng, Head of Community Growth, TZ APAC

As Head of Community Growth at TZ APAC, David Tng is largely in charge of fostering relationships, supporting more education and talent development for the blockchain sector, as well as driving partnerships. David has collaborated with several academic institutions around APAC to accomplish this. In order to increase the acceptance of NFT, he is also building a strong regional network of digital artists and producers. Prior to this, David oversaw several marketing projects for private banks and fintech companies alike, such as MatchMove and UBS. He co-founded his own communications consultant business to expand the reach of local blockchain companies. He was an early supporter of blockchain. David oversaw Arete Vision, a communication consultant for regional blockchain companies including Bluzelle and Synthetic, before joining TZ APAC.


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