This indestructible Nokia got Wi-Fi, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Maps

Nokia is back with toughness. Meet the Nokia 800 Tough, which promises resistance against harshness.

This compact handset is designed for environmental extremes and long standby time. While it’s a feature phone, it actually has apps and internet connectivity.

Nokia 800 Tough comes with 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi to let users go online. Users can receive and send messages via apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, check tweets via Twitter, and do navigation on Google Maps.

The device’s toughness is derived from IP68 certification to resist water, dust, and even sand. It also features drop protection to survive drops, and military standards to withstand temperature extremes from minus 20 to plus 55 degrees Celsius.

But who would even want to use it? Outdoor enthusiasts and workers can benefit from Nokia 800 Tough. The phone’s package already includes a wrist strap to secure the phone on the wrist. It also includes a carabiner – coupling link mostly used by rock climbers to secure two or more objects.

The feature phone is a great daily driver or backup during emergencies. With access to many modern apps, Nokia 800 Tough can connect you to the internet in two ways when your smartphone dies. It even comes with Google Assistant as reinforcement.

The two notable downsides, however, are the tiny screen with an ugly resolution and nearly useless camera.

Nokia 800 Tough is practically an indestructible phone without advanced smartphone perks, but with enough access to modern day technologies.

Its official price is only ₱6,881.


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