Google Pixel 8 Pro beaten by this OnePlus flagship on Geekbench

Geekbench showed that Tensor G3 really did improve but it won’t beat Qualcomm’s chipset across the board. The arrival of the Google 8 Pixel series is upon us, so leaks about its unboxing and performance are overflowing. Let’s start with the performance that recently came to light. The Google Pixel 8 Pro will lead the […]

TECNO CAMON 20 Pro 5G vs. TECNO POVA 5 Pro 5G: A Clash of Titans!

You’ll get the value of your money from these TECNO mid-rangers of 2023. But one caters to imaging and the other to those who demand all-day power. Quick Specs Before we go on, let’s check the key specs. You’ll see below the similarities and differences between TECNO CAMON 20 Pro 5G and POVA 5 Pro […]

World-beating secret of Huawei’s first 5G CPU revealed

A chief executive unmasked the Kirin 9000S and how it got around manufacturing limits. The Huawei Mate 60 Pro received praise for its impeccable performance and camera prowess, thanks to the Kirin 9000S SoC. This processor has a 7-nanometer process node, a must to run this flagship smartphone. But according to a firm’s CEO, Kirin […]

This indestructible Nokia got Wi-Fi, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Maps

Nokia is back with toughness. Meet the Nokia 800 Tough, which promises resistance against harshness. This compact handset is designed for environmental extremes and long standby time. While it’s a feature phone, it actually has apps and internet connectivity. Nokia 800 Tough comes with 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi to let users go online. Users can receive […]

X Social Media is suing Elon Musk’s X

Well, this is bound to happen eventually A federal lawsuit has been filed against Elon Musk’s X Corp. by X Social Media LLC, an advertising agency based in Florida, alleging violations of Florida common law related to “unfair competition, trademark, and service mark infringement,” as well as the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. […]

GCash blocks access on jailbroken, rooted devices

Is this a good change? GCash has enhanced the security of its mobile app by implementing measures to restrict access for modified devices. This proactive approach involves preventing access for devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or have undergone changes to their settings. They advise users to disable certain options like “developer options” and “installs […]

iPhone 15 Overheating? Apple blames apps and bugs, not hardware design

Maybe Genshin Impact is the culprit? Lol Apple has acknowledged user concerns regarding the overheating issues reported with the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models. Contrary to speculation, the company has clarified that these problems are not related to the phone’s hardware design. Forbes has pointed out that an update to Instagram, version 302, released […]

GCash now have Php 5 fee for cash-ins from BPI and Unionbank

It is still cheaper compared to other banks! GCash has introduced a new convenience fee of PHP 5 for users who deposit money into their e-wallet accounts through BPI or UnionBank. This fee went into effect on October 2, 2023. The company had previously announced this policy change due to rising operational costs. It was […]

Spotify Premium price sees a Php 20 increase!

The price for Spotify’s premium plans in the Philippines has recently increased, marking the end of an era of lower pricing. This adjustment reflects a higher cost for those who prefer ad-free music and podcast streaming with improved quality. Here’s a breakdown of the new Spotify Premium pricing in the Philippines: Premium Plan Monthly Price […]

Urgent Announcement! Several scam pages are impersonating our Facebook pages

Facebook serves as a vital platform for connecting with our cherished audience. However, it has come to our attention that there are several Facebook pages impersonating our brand, jeopardizing our reputation and the trust of our followers. We now aim to raise awareness about this issue and educate you on how to distinguish genuine from […]

Spotify now has auto-generated transcripts for podcasts

To commemorate International Podcast Day, Spotify unveiled new features as it solidifies its position as the leading global platform for audio podcasts One of the noteworthy updates is the introduction of automatically generated and synchronized transcripts for podcasts. They also plan to enhance this feature in the future by enabling the inclusion of additional media […]