TikTok gets closer to being banned in the US through a package

A foreign aid package is fast tracking the banning of TikTok in the US. So, what’s the company’s counter to this?

TikTok must haste because a foreign aid package is fast tracking the decision from lawmakers. The US government is against the platform due to security concerns, despite the company’s transparency of its data management.

According to reports, the TikTok ban is attached to the $95 billion foreign aid package passed by the US Congress. This package includes the following spendings:

  • Around $61 billion for Ukraine and replenishing US weapons stockpiles.
  • Around $26 billion for supporting Israel and providing humanitarian relief for people in Gaza.
  • Around $8 billion for helping US allies in the Indo-Pacific region and countering China.

TikTok appears stuck in between a rock and hard place. The ban is noted in a bill and is now heading to the Senate. Since the bill is attached to the package, a decision about the TikTok ban can go as early as Thursday.

Will SEA follow? We don’t know yet but in Asia, TikTok is still banned in Hong Kong since it was pulled in 2020. Other countries may follow the US’ lead in the matter depending on what happens this week.

However, with so many live sellers on this platform, the stakes are high. Most TikTok live sellers are microbusinesses and some governments want this industry to bloom even more.

What do you think? Should TikTok be banned?

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