Top 10 Richest Filipino MLBB Pro Players

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t just a game but also a career for many. In the Philippines, several pro players have proven their mettle and earned a lot of money from tourneys, livestreams, sponsorships, and more.

Here are the top 10 MLBB Filipino pro players and how much they’ve earned thus far. Be ready to see the millions of winnings these esports legends have accrued in their career as pro gamers.

Disclaimer: The list below only contains the estimates from tournament winnings, which exclude earnings from livestream donations, sponsorships, and others. The conversion rate applied here is ₱55.30. The list is from descending to ascending order.

Tristan “Yawi” Cabrea

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Yawi is a former basketball varsity turned esports player and was a part of Nexplay Solid in 2020. Now, he’s ECHO’s Roamer and is a master of Chou, Khufra, Kaja, and Atlas. He has a 100% win rate with Chou at the M4 World Championship.

Total earnings: ₱4,175,825.79 ($75,517)

Jaypee “Jaypee” Gonzales Dela Cruz

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Jaypee is ECHO’s substitute Roamer and a master of Chou, Kaja, and Franco. During the MDL Philippines Season 1, he had a win rate of 100% with 10 wins and zero losses.

Total earnings: ₱4,183,843.78 ($75,662)

Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales

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Bennyqt is ECHO’s Gold Laner. With ECHO, he has achieved MVP during the M4 World Championship. Beatrix, Brody, Karrie, Lunox, and Wanwan are just some picks he specializes in.

Total earnings: ₱4,883,620.99 ($88,317)

Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio Rayosdelsol

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Kairi played with Blacklist International in 2020 and later landed on ONIC Esports as the Jungler. In his current team, he was able to achieve many things including being the first Filipino to win MPL Indonesia.

Total earnings: ₱6,035,612.98 ($109,150)

Salic “Hadji” Alauya Imam 

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Hadji is a pro player with experience as a Jungler and Mid Laner. He played with EVOS Esports PH in 2019, but he’s currently the Jungler for Blacklist International. He’s a master of Chou, Pharsa, Valentina, Xavier, and Yve.

Total earnings: ₱6,674,785.22 ($120,709)

Karl “KarlTzy” Gabriel Nepomuceno 

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KarlTzy has been a Jungler for many years, dating back in 2018 with Finesse Solid. He’s a two-time M World Champion in M2 and M4, and a two-time MPL Philippines Champion for Season 6 and 11. Akai, Claude, and Lancelot are just a few among his signature picks.

Total earnings: ₱6,728,367.53 ($121,678)

Kiel “Oheb” Calvin Soriano 

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Oheb, the Gold Laner of Blacklist International, has won MPL Philippines twice in a row for the team. He’s also nicknamed the “Filipino Sniper” for his amazing performance on Beatrix’s Renner during the M3 World Championship.

Total earnings: ₱7,150,556.30 ($129,313)

Edward “Edward” Jay Dapadap

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Edward is the EXP Laner for Blacklist International and a winner of the MPL Philippines twice in a row with this team. His signature picks include Arlott, Benedetta, Joy, and Paquito.

Total earnings: ₱7,758,596.62 ($140,309)

Danerie “Wise” James Del Rosario

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Wise is a household name now in the MLBB pro scene and to his credit, he won MPL Philippines twice in a row with Blacklist International and had the most kills in MPL Philippines Season 4. He’s a Jungler who specializes in Barats, Granger, and Yi Sun-Shin, among others.

Total earnings: ₱7,986,252.31 $144,426

Johnmar OhMyV33NUS Villaluna

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OhMyV33NUS is the richest Filipino MLBB pro player in terms of earnings from tournaments. He’s a Roamer and Mid Laner but currently in inactive status. Nicknamed The Queen, he has won the MPL Philippines twice in a row with Blacklist International, had the most assists in M3 World Championship and in MPL Philippines Season 10, and had 100% win rate with Rafaela at M3 World Championship. His signature picks include Estes, Lolita, and Mathilda.

Total earnings: ₱8,041,548.81 $145,426

Do you know an aspiring MLBB esports player? Are you an aspiring pro player yourself? 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available on the App Store and Play Store.


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