Which TECNO and Infinix smartphones have bypass charging?

Your TECNO and Infinix phones can play games like a console if it has this nifty feature.

Gamers have to balance two delicate forces during gaming: power and heat. If this balance goes awry, expect issues like overheating and CPU throttling.

So, certain smartphone brands added a subtle yet handy feature on select models to combat those issues. It’s called bypass charging that cuts down the heat generated by the chipset, alongside many other benefits.

In this article, we’ll show you which TECNO and Infinix smartphones have bypass charging enabled.


Image credit: TECNO

TECNO POVA 5 Pro 5G definitely screams a gaming phone. The overall design and illuminating LED lights at the back mimic futuristic settings; perhaps a puny reminder of the Mass Effect environs.

Performance-wise, TECNO POVA 5 Pro 5G has enough power for most mobile games of today. It’s equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 6080 and 8GB RAM for solid app response and multitasking. 

If you’re feeling “hardcore,” you can turn on the expandable RAM option. However, it’s not necessary as the physical memory is sufficient. Let Android allocate the memory for you.

For video games, the smartphone uses the following to deliver the best possible experience:

Gaming FeaturesWhat It Does
120Hz refresh rateA must for first-person shooting games. Higher refresh rates often lead to a buttery smooth experience.
240Hz touch sampling rateThis lowers the latency of touch. At 240Hz, the ms latency may land on just 4.
Vapor chamber cooling + graphene heat sinkA large heat dissipation area helps cool the chipset during intense activities.
Hard gyroscopeHardware-based gyroscopes have more accurate readings of angular velocity than software-based. This is critical for aiming.
Game Space 2.0Offers different performance modes.

TECNO POVA 5 Pro 5G received bypass charging at launch.

Infinix NOTE 30 5G

Image credit: Infinix

The Infinix NOTE 30 5G doesn’t look like a gaming phone, but don’t be deceived by its appearance. This colorful handset with a square camera slot has enough juice for casual gaming and even some AAA titles.

Among its color families, the Sunset Gold variant reminds me that the “orange-colored poring” in Ragnarok Online could use some recoloring.

Image via

Infinix NOTE 30 5G is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 6080 as well, paired with an 8GB of RAM. You can also double that RAM on this device via dynamic memory expansion, but you don’t really need it.

However, the real deal about this phone is its powerful 108MP main camera and dual speakers, enhanced by JBL. This handset is more of a well-rounder rather than a portable game hub for hardcore gamers. Though, it sports 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rates for those looking for a quick match.

The chipset of Infinix NOTE 30 5G is for imaging processing, not exactly for gaming, so it’s no surprise that there’s no mention of a massive heat sink. But that makes the device an excellent recipient of bypass charging at launch.


Image credit: TECNO

This camera-centric device is armed with MediaTek Dimensity 8050, which is a lot better than Dimensity 6080. It’s equipped with 8GB of RAM to handle multiple apps simultaneously.

Upon seeing the TECNO CAMON 20 Pro 5G, the “deconstructionist design” on the back hit me with the decor pattern found on The Sims series. But it’s quite lackluster as there’s nothing else to make the phone stand out among the crowd.

However, TECNO CAMON 20 Pro 5G isn’t about aesthetics. Besides superior performance, the device also boasts a 62MP main shooter and a 32MP selfie camera. Plus, it sports an under-screen optical fingerprint scanner.

Gaming-wise, this handset only has one related feature – a graphene heat sink. The downside is it isn’t as massive as what POVA 5 Pro has. Well, that’s a gaming phone. 

Fortunately, TECNO CAMON 20 Pro 5G received a patch that enabled bypass charging to let users play to their heart’s content.

Infinix GT 10 Pro

Infinix also went for the tech design with GT 10 Pro. If this is placed side by side with POVA 5 Pro, I’ll assume that their aesthetics are faction signatures in a cyberpunk world in another galaxy.

Anyway, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is powered by Dimensity 8050 and 8GB of RAM for constant peak performance. While it isn’t a flagship phone, it sports a triple-rear camera setup led by 108MP main sensor. Even the selfie camera is decent with a 32MP lens. 

So, what does this mecha-looking smartphone offer in gaming?

Gaming FeaturesWhat It Does
120Hz refresh rateA must for first-person shooting games. Higher refresh rates often lead to a buttery smooth experience.
360Hz touch sampling rateThis may lead to ms latency of 2.78.
Vapor chamberA dedicated cooling chamber.
Z-axis linear haptic motorFeel every beat, rattle, footstep, and shake in games.
Game enginesBuilt-in engines like game fast start mode, Dar-link system, and 4D game vibration to enhance gaming.

The Infinix GT 10 Pro received bypass charging at launch.

Why Seek for Bypass Charging?

Bypass charging isn’t a gimmick. It actually offers several key upsides:

  • It lets the phone pull direct power, rather than from the battery.
  • It allows the processor to go all-in because it’s no longer limited by the battery.
  • It enables console-like gaming for hours on end.
  • It spares the battery from heat due to charging.
  • It helps extend the battery’s lifespan by consuming less discharge/charge cycles.

Unfortunately, bypass charging requires software and hardware enabling. Enabling it via a patch is very easy, but it won’t work if the circuitry isn’t prepared in the first place. Thus, old phones don’t support it.

The next time you look for a gaming-ready smartphone, consider a model with bypass charging. Not only will it let you experience console gaming, but it will also save the battery from the constant wear and tear of charging.

Disclaimer: As of writing, only these four models from TECNO and Infinix have bypass charging enabled. More devices will support it as both companies continue to release software patches. We will update this as soon as we can confirm those models.

Check out the full specs of the aforementioned phones below.


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