Top 5 Most iPhone-Looking Android phones under Php 10,000

At some point we can all agree that Apple sets the tone of what other smartphone companies implement on their newest models. With that in mind we have carefully analyzed the designs of the smart phones under Php 10,000. These are the Top 5 Most iPhone-Looking Android phones in that category.  5. realme C35 The […]

Ragnarok Origin: Global tops ML as the top-grossing App in the Philippines!

Ragnarok Origin, a mobile game based on the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, has topped the charts in the Philippines, becoming the no. 1 grossing game in the country according to SimilarWeb. The game has been downloaded over 1 million times since its release in March 2023. Ragnarok Origin is a faithful recreation of the original […]

These Android devices come with PreInstalled Malware!

It turns out that millions of Android TVs and phones are being plagued by preinstalled malware. Yikes! Low-cost Android devices seem to be bearing the brunt of this ongoing security nightmare. Countries with Android devices affected Even though the specific Android devices affected were not made clear, the number of infected devices are distributed globally […]

Android 14 Customization features revealed by Goolgle!

Android 14 will revolutionize the way we customize our mobile devices with an array of new features that depend on Generative AI. Among these new updates is the highly exciting Generative AI wallpaper. This feature allows users to create custom wallpapers by simply typing in a theme and style, and then watching as Google’s text-to-image […]

Android 14 Beta can now be installed on these 9 smartphones

Google released the Android 14 Beta about a month ago and you can try it out if you have any of the following devices. Devices capable of installing Android 14 Beta Apart from those devices mentioned above, these are the Google Pixel smartphones that you can also install Beta version Before you install, it is […]

Tecno Camon 20 series coming with Android 14 Beta!

TECNO, the renowned Chinese smartphone brand, is set to offer Google’s highly anticipated Android 14 Beta release on its latest CAMON 20 series. This makes TECNO one of the first manufacturers to adopt the new Android iteration. The CAMON 20 series has already been well-received in the market. This because of its outstanding photography capabilities, […]

TECNO Spark 10 vs realme C30s!

Both Tecno and realme recently released entry-level phones, the Spark 10 and the realme C30s. We shall compare them because both smartphones are interesting and will surely be good contenders with each other….right? Specs TECNO Spark 10 realme C30s CPU Mediatek Helio G37 UNISOC SC9863A RAM 4GB/8GB 2GB/3GB/4GB STORAGE 128GB 32GB/64GB DISPLAY 6.6 in 720p […]

Android’s auto-archive feature for unused apps is now rolling out

Google is now pushing its auto-archive feature on Android which unloads unused apps from your device without deleting your user data. It can free up nearly 60% of an app’s storage space without the need of uninstalling the app. Google confirmed the new app archiving feature is available only on apps published in the App Bundle format […]

How to Download and Install the New Android 14 beta

The wait is finally over! Google has officially launched the Android 14 Beta program and Android users cannot wait to try it. Before you get too excited, this beta release is currently available for eligible Pixel devices, which includes almost the entire Pixel lineup starting from Pixel 4a and up to Pixel 7 Pro. Adding […]

Android 14 2nd developer preview now out

Google unveiled the first Developer Preview of Android 14 last month, and today the company is back with the second. The latest update further improves privacy, security, and performance while also enhancing tablet and foldable device usability Following this Developer Preview, the first Beta version will arrive in April, followed by three more in succeeding […]

iPhones to be replaced by Android smartphones in the MPL?

A VLOG was posted by AKOSI Dogie to his YouTube channel in December 2022. He discussed several common topics including smartphones and the MPL. Apple is not a fantastic gaming platform, according to Dogie Almost all members of Team Dogie utilize Apple devices both for regular use and for gaming. But, Dogie claims that Apple […]

Google released first developer preview of Android 14

Android 14 developer preview 1 has just been released by google, it seems that it will be focused for big and foldable screen optimizations 😳 The second developer preview of Android 14 is expected to be released in March. The newest OS is developed with tablets and foldable devices in mind. We should anticipate even […]

Top 10 Android Apps in January 2023!

As we enter the new month of February, here are some of the best Android apps that you should definitely give a try. 10. TouchBar The iOS-inspired TouchBar for Android provides easy toggles for your Wi-Fi, volume, and other shortcuts. Because phones are getting bigger and it’s getting tougher to reach quick settings, the app […]

Reasons why there are not many improvements in battery tech in phones today

Batteries are the lifeblood of any smartphone, a mediocre one can greatly affect a user’s experience every time. But why there are no significant improvements in battery tech as of today? Battery technology in smartphones has not seen significant improvements in the last decade for several reasons: While battery technology in smartphones has not seen […]

Ten ways Android phones are just better than iPhones

In the ultimate Apple vs Android phone battle, why Android phones are just better overall? You can’t deny that both platforms have an edge in different aspects, but this time, we are talking about Android and its pros and cons. PROS CONS It’s important to note that these are generalizations, and that individual devices and […]

How to track your lost Android smartphone: SPEED EDITION

Excuse us but locating a device isn’t limited to Apple devices, in fact, the guys at Android implemented it first, so here are some tips in case Here are a few ways you can try to find your stolen Android device: How to prevent anyone from using your Android phone without permission from you (in […]