Why Sebastian is stepping down as CEO of Linus Media Group

Big news in the world of Linus Media Group! Our favorite Canadian YouTuber, Linus Sebastian, is stepping down as the CEO of the company he built from the ground up. But don’t worry, he’s not leaving us hanging. He’ll still be making awesome videos; he just won’t be handling all the business stuff anymore.

Why is he stepping down

In a recent 10-minute video titled “It’s time,” Linus shared his decision to step away from the CEO role at Linus Media Group, the company behind the legendary Linus Tech Tips channel. It’s been a decade of hard work, but he’s realized that he’s simply not cut out for the business side of things anymore.

He’s exhausted, folks. Like, seriously tired. And if he pushed himself for another ten years of business administration, he knows it would take a toll on him, possibly even jeopardizing the company and the incredible community he holds dear.

However, this doesn’t mean he’s bidding farewell to the show or YouTube altogether. We wouldn’t do that to you. Instead, Linus will be taking on a new role as the “Chief Vision Officer.” Yeah, he agrees it sounds a bit silly, but hey, it’s a made-up title that allows him to continue making videos and, wait for it, potentially appear in even more of them!

By stepping away from the CEO duties, he’ll have the freedom to focus on what he loves most without getting tangled up in all the nitty-gritty business stuff. And with a team of around 100 employees, that’s no small feat!

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Just as Linus was contemplating this big decision, Linus Media Group received a mind-blowing offer. A jaw-dropping $100 million was put on the table to “sell out.” Yep, you heard that right. 60% cold, hard cash, and forty percent equity in a mysterious purchasing company. But you know what? Linus turned it down. Why? Well, for one, they genuinely enjoy working with the company as it is. And let’s be real here, they’re already rolling in dough.

Whats the future for Linas

So, while Linus is passing the torch of CEO to someone else, he’s not going anywhere. We can still expect the same top-notch videos, maybe even with more Linus himself in front of the camera. It’s an exciting new chapter for Linus Media Group, and we can’t wait to see what Linus has in store for us as the Chief Vision Officer. Stay tuned, folks, because the tech world is about to get even more awesome!



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