Your iPhone To A PS5?: The Backbone One Playstation Edition Controller

Sony, in collaboration with Backbone Labs have unleashed the Backbone One PlayStation Edition, that can turn your iPhone into a dedicated PS5 in a breeze!

Taking inspiration from the PS5’s DualSense wireless controllers, you can morph your iPhone into playing PS5 and PS4 games via PS Remote Play app (no more buying a PS5 via scalpers, finally). It has transparent buttons like the DualSense, and a dedicated port for audio accessories like your Pulse 3D headset (if you have one).

The controller in all of its glory.

If you have an internet access (that’s a rhetorical question) and a PS4/ PS5 console, simply connect your iPhone to the Backbone One and you can start playing games right away, and it can even handle even straight AAA titles for example, Gran Turismo 7 which was shown in their video teaser below.

They really emphasize on its portability based on the video which shows different kinds of locations and scenario in which you can play PS5 games and more with your iPhone via the Backbone One. Just keep alert for your spoiled, snotty nieces waiting to lay a hand on your device with their greasy hands after a tantrum. (Credits: Backbone)

The controller however, will draw power from your iPhone, further insisting its portability. The Backbone One can also let you play other games from the App Store and other game streaming services. You can also customize your own glyph light scheme, and the advantage to play hundreds of game titles. The Backbone App will also update you with the latest releases and updates from PlayStation.

The front view (without the iPhone, not included in purchase).

A 5Mbps and 15Mbps broadband connection is a must to experience the PS Remote Play full advantage. PS VR or PS Camera oriented games are obviously not playable on this set-up. A pretty fair trade, to say the least. On the brighter side at least, it comes with free trials of Discord Nitro for three full months, a month for Apple Arcade, and two months for Stadia Pro.

The rear view.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller for iPhones is priced reasonably for USD 100 (Php5,538.00) and will be available immediately in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom after launch. As of the Philippines, there hasn’t been any news whether they will release it here, but there is high hopes that it is possible in the near future.


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