YouTube “You” tab brings new designs and features on mobile and TV

Enjoy the new You tab on YouTube and handy features while watching your favorite videos.

YouTube got a new update that overhauled the Library tab into the new “You” tab. It’s located at the bottom right of the screen on your mobile devices.

Before the changes, you’ll see your profile picture at the top right of the interface, alongside the Create and Search buttons.

Now, the You tab shows everything that was separated. This new tab contains controls for Switch Account, Google Account, and Turn on Incognito, followed by your watching History and Playlists below. Other options, such as Your Videos, Downloads, and Timed Watched are at the bottom of the list.

Besides the redesign, YouTube also received a number of features, such as:

  1. Stable volume: YouTube now automatically adjusts the volume to avoid sudden audio changes.
  2. 2x long press: Lets you speed up the video with just a simple action.
  3. Bigger preview thumbnails: Seeking within a video is now easier. Tap on the desired timeframe and lift your finger quickly to summon the thumbnails. You can now see the previews and seek left and right to get to the point you want.
  4. Lock screen: To avoid accidental taps while watching, enable Lock screen in the Settings menu.

If you happen to tap the Like and Subscribe buttons of a content creator, those buttons will now have visual cues – sparkle and ring animations.

For smart TV users, video details, comments, video chapters, and more are now accessible via a vertical menu. Click the video title while watching to bring up the menu.

These features may not be available to all right now as Google is still rolling out the changes. Expect them to arrive on your devices in the coming days.


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