AYANEO Flip gaming console new design reveal this December

The flip gaming console recently got a minor design overhaul, which is set for demo before 2023 ends.

AYANEO has a new offer this winter in the form of a handheld, clamshell gaming console. It’s the AYANEO Flip, which comes with joysticks, ABXY buttons, and a mini keyboard.

This flip portable console initially made the headlines last month with its pics and glimpse of its specs.

AYANEO Flip (September 2023)
Image credit: AYANEO

It sports a seven-inch display with 120Hz refresh rate and is allegedly powered by AMD Ryzen 7840U. As per report, the company’s CEO boasts the device’s better performance and heat dissipation.

However, the console needed a bit of revision in terms of design. That’s why the latest images revealed a better-looking D-Pad, now clear of those ugly lines.

AYANEO Flip (October 2023)
Image credit: AYANEO

Another change is the use of orange color to make the function keys and other areas of the keyboard stand out.

Unlike many portable gaming consoles out there, the AYANEO Flip has something gamers will love from just looking at it. It’s the design mixed with the nostalgic elements of Blackberry phones and the Nintendo DS.

With just a simple glance, you may even think this portable console can play PC games due to its keyboard. But without the complete list of specifications, we can’t tell if AYANEO flip is capable of running such titles or which OS will it run.

In terms of cooling, AYANEO Flip’s heat dissipation system is composed of three copper heat tubes, a copper sheet, a graphene patch, and a fan to expel heat out of the device.

AYANEO Flip (October 2023)
Image credit: AYANEO

AYANEO Flip is expected to arrive at the end of 2023 with a price reveal likely before it rolls out in stores. 


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