Breaking news! iPhone 15 is out and Filipinos are now saving money to buy the iPhone XR

Price drops for the iPhone XR should be in tow due to the recent iPhone 15 series announcement!

The iPhone 15 series is currently the noise right now. The specifications and official pricing are revealed by Apple during their recent event yet, this pricing may pose a significant challenge for many residents of the Philippines, where the average monthly income hovers around a mere $308/₱15,200.

The official starting prices of the iPhone 15 series in the Philippines are the following: ₱56,990 for the iPhone 15(6+128GB)₱63,990 for the iPhone 15 Plus(6+128GB), ₱70,990 for the iPhone 15 Pro(8+128GB) and ₱84,990 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max(8+256GB).

Several factors contribute to the probable unaffordability of the iPhone 15 for a substantial portion of Filipinos. Firstly, the Philippine peso has steadily depreciated against the US dollar in recent years, resulting in increased prices for imported products like the iPhone within the country.

Furthermore, the cost of living in the Philippines continues to climb, driven by factors such as inflation and the escalating expenses associated with essential goods and transportation. Consequently, Filipinos find themselves allocating more of their income towards basic necessities, leaving limited financial room for discretionary items like the iPhone.

Moreover, it’s essential to recognize that the iPhone doesn’t hold the status of an indispensable commodity for many Filipinos. The Philippines offers a wide range of affordable smartphone alternatives, and a substantial portion of the population is content with these options, rendering the iPhone a luxury rather than a necessity.

Of course, some Filipinos, particularly those residing in urban centers, holding high-paying jobs, or having access to credit, will still find a way to afford the iPhone 15. Nonetheless, for the majority, this coveted device is likely to remain beyond their financial grasp.

This disparity raises concerns since the iPhone carries significant cultural weight in the Philippines as a status symbol. Owning one signifies success and a certain level of social standing. Consequently, the inability to afford the iPhone 15 may lead many Filipinos to feel excluded or left behind.

What’s more, the prohibitive cost of the iPhone 15 acts as a barrier to innovation. Many Filipinos possess remarkable creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, yet their aspirations may be stifled by the lack of resources needed to harness the latest technology. This, in turn, limits the nation’s potential for economic growth and development.


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