Tiger becomes Unisoc’s official ambassador for the Tiger series

From tears to fierce, rags to riches, tiger to…nevermind– the important part is there’s a future after being memed to death Unisoc (formerly Spreadtrum), one of the rising semiconductor manufacturers in the world known for their chipsets in the budget category is now ‘ready to jump into the flagship space’ with their new and improved […]

Local internet geek is shocked brands won’t make him a 3K pesos flagship phone

“What? I can’t have the latest and greatest features on a smartphone with my PHP3,000 budget. That’s absurd!” Juan Cruz (REAL NAME WITHHELD) has unleashed a tirade against all smartphone brands that supposedly doesn’t carry upon his ‘simple’ requests in a future flagship release. He told Unbox Diaries, “Simple lang naman ang gusto ko sa […]

What’s the deal with the CCTV that captured the Bolt Hole Bar brawl?

Recently, famous personality Awra Briguela was involved in a bar brawl. We are still confused with the details of how and why but one thing is on our minds– what’s the deal about that bar CCTV? Roughly a week ago, news about celebrity Awra Briguela surfaced on the internet about a brawl in Makati involving […]

Vince Domingo, retired na sa unboxing: “Maging ahente na lang ako ng PHLWin”

Eksklusibo: Vince Domingo, ayaw na sa Unbox Diaries, masyadong mahirap daw mag-unbox, kung puwede naman kumita passively sa panloloko sa mga subscribers niya Personal na nakausap ng Unbox Diaries News si Vince Domingo, 21 years old, na nakatira sa Suplex City ang mga sabi-sabi na balak niya na raw magretiro sa pagiging unboxer sa kaniyang […]

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