Dyson Zone: Noise-Cancelling Headphones That Double As Air Purifiers

Dyson Zone

Mahirap mag tanggal ng facemask pag nakapatong na ang headphones, kaya naman naisipan na ng Dyson na gumawa ng headphones – the Dyson Zone – that also double as air purifiers.

Combination ng over-ear headphones at air purifier ang Dyson Zone. It has noise cancellation speakers that are positioned behind air compressors, which in turn draw air in at lalabas ang cleaner air sa visor-mouthpiece.

Dyson Zone filtration unit
The outer layer of the earpiece houses the air filters that deliver fresh air to the mouthpiece.

Hindi rin naman nakalimutan ng Dyson about the sound quality of the device, but this headphone appears to lean towards being a wearable air purifier than anything else. Regardless, it’s nice that the company is making strides in protecting human health.

Dyson Zone in development stage
Developing the Dyson Zone took years of research and development.

Okay lang naman isuot, pero mukhang nasa Saw Movie ang datingan mo. If you can suffer the funny looks, then at least you get pure air.

The Dyson Zone will be sold on Dyson’s official website and Dyson Demo Stores. The product will be available by autumn  of 2022, according to the company. No exact dates have been released yet.

The main reason for the invention of the Dyson Zone is a series of studies about air quality. According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people inhale pollutants. In Europe, air pollutants already go over thresholds, that’s why there’s a need for a wearable air purifier.

And it’s not just in Europe, or outdoors. Dyson’s sources claim that indoor pollution is a real threat to health, hence the need for the device. Air pollution is a real problem world-wide, and the company has posted several articles on how the bad air pollution is across major cities.

This invention could mean a lot of things – that in the not-so-distant future, air quality will become so bad that people will have to wear helmets, or at least gas masks. Hindi na imposible mangyari yun: we already buy bottled water, and if the Dyson Zone is one of the first few products that are invented for better air quality, we can expect a lot more of it soon.


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