Facebook Just Opened Its First Meta Store

A few days ago, Facebook, now known As Meta, Inc, has just opened their first ever physical store in Burlingame, California.

The store will be selling mostly items for the Metaverse: a new VR headset (Meta Quest 2), Ray Ban stories, and Meta Portal video calling devices.

Sa loob ng store ma-eexperience ng customers ang Meta products. There’s a live demo space where you can experience the new Meta Quest 2, as well as a big screen to cast what you see in the Meta Quest 2 for other people to experience.

The Meta Quest 2 will be an upgrade over the Oculus products, but the Meta Store will still be showcasing the previously-independent VR hardware brand.

Ray Ban stories is their next highlight product. This is basically an audio-outputting and video recording device fitted into eyewear that allows users to still enjoy natural sights. It’s the more casual (and cooler looking) “successor” to Google Glass, however, the latter company is making similar moves in terms of wearables.

The Meta Store also sells audio products – they even have a dedicated sound-proof room where you can experience the quality of the audio device. This area is complete with a living room-like setup, and sectionals where you can sit comfortably while you do a live audio test of the products.

While VR products have a much smaller niche than smaller phones, Mark Zuckerberg believes the investment today will bring in returns in the long run.

There’s no news yet on whether they will start opening stores outside California or even in the US, but this will be the first few steps the company will take to introduce an alternate space for people to socialize.


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